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Friday, December 21, 2012

Flavor of the Week #52

( ;D --> Burial is an electronic musician from South London. His eponymous debut album was released in 2006 to critical acclaim. The Wire magazine named it their album of the year and it came fifth in the Mixmag 2006 Album of the Year list. On Friday, September 28th 2007, a new Burial album was announced, and Untrue was released 6 weeks later on November 5th. Although both albums have been met with much critical acclaim, Burial remained anonymous until August 2008, stating in a past interview that “only five people know I make tunes”. In February 2008, The Independent reported that Burial was an alumnus of south London’s Elliott School named William Bevan (another alumnus, Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, said in 2006 that Burial was in the year above him). The school’s alumni also include Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet, with whom Bevan has collaborated.)
Truant (HDB069)
( ;D --> Excellent! X-mas is finally here.)
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Miss Kittin (& The Hacker)
( ;D --> Caroline Hervé (born 1973), better known by her stage name Miss Kittin, is a French electronic music DJ, singer, and songwriter. Since rising to prominence in 1998 for her singles "1982" and "Frank Sinatra" with The Hacker, she has worked with other musicians such as Chicks on Speed, Felix da Housecat and Golden Boy. She released her debut solo album I Com in 2004 and second solo album BatBox in 2008. She achieved international popularity with the singles "Rippin Kittin" and "Silver Screen Shower Scene".)
Life is My Teacher
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Klaus Schulze
( ;D --> Klaus Schulze (born August 4, 1947) is a German electronic music composer and musician. He also used the alias Richard Wahnfried. He was briefly a member of the electronic bands Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel before launching a solo career consisting of more than 60 albums (more than 140 CDs) lasting over four decades.)
( ;D --> 5 years after his latest all new solo album "Kontinuum", Klaus Schulze is back with the new studio album "Shadowlands". Note that the album also includes liner notes, written by Christopher von Deylen from the german band Schiller.)
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Volt 9000
( ;D --> Volt 9000 is the spaced out electro industrial world of Cory Gorski and Andrew Dobbels. A playful throwback to nostalgic cartoon and video-game culture, merging both low-fi sound with pop hooks and melodies while utilizing game samples, retro synths, industrial glitches, disembodied vocals and 8-bit warping.)

( ;D --> Kluster (1969) metamorphosed into Cluster (1971) and Cluster became Qluster(2011). In a period spanning over 40 years, Hans-Joachim Roedelius was a driving force behind this unique transformation. Now, as Qluster, he has recorded together with Onnen Bock in the latest incarnation. Three albums already released document the current status of their musical journey to pastures new. The fourth work, "Lauschen" (recorded live with the guest musician Armin Metz), is a particularly impressive document, with the musicians raising their art close to perfection. Using predominantly analogue electronic keyboards, they play together – in the truest sense of the word – with intense levels of concentration and yet with incredible ease. Out January 25, 2013.)
Live preview

Over And Out

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