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Friday, January 18, 2013

Flavor of the Week #3

( ;D --> Swedish-American synth pop trio based on the Swedish duo of Jimmy Smith and Frederick Thompson along with the San Francisco-based singer Dan Von Hoyel.)
My Sorrow EP
( ;D --> American/Swedish trio Titans (Dan Von Hoyel/Jimmy Svensson/Fredrik Mattsson) are back with a new EP called "My Sorrow EP". The EP holds the track "My Sorrow" which is taken from their praised album "For The Long Gone" which was released last year on Progress Productions, but also two brand new tracks "When Dreams Kill" and "Distrust Innocence". Titans proves yet again also with these new tracks that they are one of the leading forces to count on in the electronic pop/ebm-scene.)
"Dried Out" (Official video 2013)
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( ;D --> Emerging from the unreality side of reality, the duo of Logan Owlbeemoth and Omebi Velouria build minimal sonic structures around time travel melodies using warm synths, dream drifting vocals, based in a futuristic celluloid film made of hyper changing time and space visions...)
Vortex To Void EP

( ;D --> Tosca is the joint musical project of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber from Vienna, Austria. The three Tosca albums „Opera“ (1996), „Suzuki“ (1999) and „Dehli 9“ (2002) are considered milestones of the downtempo genre.)

Kirk Fox
( ;D --> Music-producer and sound-creator from Germany.)
Mindless thoughts

The Retrosic
( ;D --> The Retrosic is a German Electro-Industrial project.)
God Of Hell
The Storm
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Over And Out

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