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Friday, March 22, 2013

Flavor of the Week #13

Code 64
( ;D --> Code 64 was formed 2000 in a little town called Lysekil located on the westcoast of Sweden by the three teenagers Christian Espeland, Hasse Mattsson and Henrik Piehl. In the early years they created a lot of different songs and started to create their own sound into what that was to become a typical Code 64 sound. In 2003 they were signed by the small Norwegian label "Angel productions". The work of their debut "Storm" were in progress and was finished later the same year. Their debut album quickly sold out and Code 64 started to build a steady ground and a fan base.)
Power Up (schedule for a release later 2013)
( ;D --> Code 64 is finally back. After the huge success with their last album "Trialouge" that even won then the "Synthalbum of the year award at the Manifest awards the wait for new material is finally over. "Accelerate" is a mindblowing wonderful delivered dancefloor bomb which feels like an instant future classic. One of those tracks you know you will dance to for years to come in the electroclubs all over the world. Once again they also deliver a perfect production, great catchy melodies and a wonderful vocal performance. "Accelerate" is the first teaser from the upcoming album "Power Up" which Is schedule for a release later 2013. Except the original version we also fin the title track remixed by Apoptygma Berzerk v/s OK Minus and Henrik Bäckström (Necro Facility). And as an extra the exclusive tracks "SD Sequence" and a brilliant cover of the old technoclassic "Love Sees No Colour" originally performed by U96.)
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( ;D --> BL/\CK CEILING is the alias of recording artist Dan Ocean, sometime hip-hop, electro and dubstep producer, and collaborator with rapper Quiz. A well-known figure in the local music scene of his native Spokane, Washington, Ocean's latest project BL/\CK CEILING explores the sounds and textures of the emergent Witch House genre.)
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( ;D --> From Moscow to Washington, from Buenos Aires to Tel Aviv – Melotron are Germany’s most successful export when it comes to German-language Electro Pop.)
Stuck in the Mirror
Der Anfang!

( ;D --> This Athens-based, one man band of Georg Psaroudakis was originally formed late in 2006, in an attempt to execute this notion. In 2007 the self-released EP “In the lag of time” was revealed to the public and served as an initial introduction to the scene. In 2008 CygnosiC signed to BLC Productions, an American indie label specialized in industrial music and in 2009 the debut album entitled “A deity in pain” was released and received excellent album reviews and critiques. Additionally throughout these years CygnosiC participated in various compilations and albums with various remixes, remaining active and alert, giving interviews to several magazines and web sites plus performing live in various occasions and thus remaining interactive with their audience and therefore forming a considerably extensive fan core.)
Fire And Forget
As We Approach The End

SINS (?†N?)
( ;D --> ?†N? exists outside of time and space. The music and art made by ?†N? focuses on coming to terms with the bleak remains of our dying world and transforming the pain into something cosmic and Beautiful.)
19th Call
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Over And Out

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