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Friday, July 26, 2013

Flavor of the Week #31

( ;D --> Vierance interesting new band from the ever expanding and increasingly dark, electronic music scene in Toronto.)
Vierance EP

Human Error
( ;D --> Human Error is the accumulated audio work of UK based artist Tom Box. Primarily an illustrator and graphic designer, music production allows him a depth of emotional release not possible through visual means. Music is a necessity now. It's a platform to express the inexpressible and offload psychological baggage.)
Coping Mechanism

Solitary Experiments
( ;D --> The Berlin-based trio Solitary Experiments has long since understood the fact that good electronic music will require more than bringing together some synthesizer presets with some cuddly beats. With much emphasis on good song writing, catchy melodies and multi-faceted arrangements as on club-compatible beats and solid bass. The anthemic Electro-tracks keep the delicate balance between catchiness and a thorough dose of power that keeps them from ever drifting into Pop-muzak realms.)
Trial and Error
New album 'Phenomena' coming in September
See also:

( ;D --> Great things often come from humble beginnings. From recording lo-fi pop songs in a run-down house on the East side of Iceland, electronic pop quartet Bloodgroup have blossomed into one of the most well-known Icelandic acts of recent times via their indelible, moody melodies and searing live performances.)
Tracing Echoes
A Kings woe

( ;D --> This Electro-Noise project is the child of two french women : Sandra and Joséphine. The sole purpose of their music is to move you inside (and) out.
 With their heavy beats and distortions accompanied by melodic electronic sequences they tell you their story on how they percieve this world inside theirs.)
Erratic Behaviour (Instability Remix By Cacophoneuses)

Eternal darkness

Over And Out

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