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Friday, December 27, 2013

Flavor of the Week #53

( ;D --> Dopplereffekt is an electronic music act which has been active since at least 1995 (year of first release). It is named after the German word for the Doppler effect. While the musical style and the act's image changed radically during a non-release period from 1999 to 2003, two steady characteristics are the display of a thematic affiliation with science and the obvious use of pseudonyms and the hence rumoured but unconfirmed identities of the members.The main member during all periods has probably been producer/ artist Gerald Donald alias "Rudolf Klorzeiger". Donald is generally accepted to be also the author of the acts Heinrich Müller/ Der Zyklus, Japanese Telecom and Arpanet as well as one half of the band Drexciya (with James Stinson). During that period the sound of these two acts showed strong similarities, in their Detroit electro sound that took influences from industrial, new wave, electro-pop and others, reforming them in a style which is musically complex, often using jazzy modal sequences, and alongside other Detroit based acts on the labels Underground Resistance and direct beat they were highly influential in the 90s' revival of electro.)
Somehow (Dopplereffekt Remix)
( ;D --> Detroit enigma Dopplereffekt has been resurrected, emerging from a grave of jagged detritus and technotrash for their first release since 2007. Dopplereffekt has always preferred mystery and myth, and the Tetrahymena EP on Leisure System is a scorching assertion of their capacity for hallucinogenic abrasion. Tetrahymena wanders through decommissioned factories and an omnipresent chemical haze, evasive and contemplative like the last man alive in a crumbling steel city.)
Gene Silencing
Victoria Lukas: INKAMERA / VITA / ZERKALO / Lukas & Popstar
( ;D --> Solo projects : INKAMERA, VITA, Bands: ZERKALO, Lukas & Popstar.)
VITA 'Infinity'
( ;D --> Frustrated Funk drops an intense mini album project produced by the eldritch vocalist and co-producer of the mystic Zerkalo project Victoria Lukas. No floor fillers here.. just plain experimental songs from the heart that will send shivers down your spine. Comes in full-color jacket designed by the lovely Anais Boudot who's also responsible for all video work for this album.)
STARK, Alek feat VICTORIA LUKAS 'I Can See The Lights'
Jauzas The Shining 'Nuclear Invasion' EP
( ;D --> 'Nuclear Invasion' EP from Jauzas the Shining. Featuring once again the seductive vocals of Victoria Lukas alongside the remix talent of none other than Heinrich Mueller. From the bustling drama of the title track, to the highly hypnotic 'Crockett', impending doom of 'Reality' and stark, edgy shenanigans of 'Bohrium', this EP has it all! All tracks written and produced by Jauzas the Shining for Last Known Trajectory 2013 'Nuclear Invasion' & 'Reality' featuring vocals by Victoria Lukas 'Bohrium' remixed by Heinrich Mueller.)
Reality (feat. Victoria Lukas)

Franck Kartell
( ;D --> Franck Kartell is a mad scientist of sound. In his laboratory, he tries to find frequencies allowing him to control people's mind. Franck is surrounded discovering the house music in 1986, five years later he spent his first payment in the purchase of a synth. At that time he started to buy hardware equipment. His music is based in purely analogical gear giving him a special warm feature in sound and concept. Franck´s live approach different schemes in production, composition and performing plus the support of visual media interaction passing through several stages of sound experimentation to dynamic and advanced works in synthesis and FX process dimension. The passion for the vintage, the robotic, the sic fi and lot of concepts in futurism, shows that Franck Kartell is making an important contribution to the current serious electronics taking elements from the past years.)
Afterlife - Limited 100xCD
Apollo 13 Technical Malfunction (Techno Mix) - 2011 Black Montanas

DeFekT (Mattew Flanagan)
( ;D --> Matthew Flanagan is an electro head's electro producer, the kind that releases on niche labels catered to people who like exactly that kind of music. Transmuter, the second EP on Rob Booth's fledgling Electronic Explorations label, is easily his most prominent record yet, and it's got a more accessible sound to go with the territory. "Delusional" is all about the bassline. It's a concrete base for the throbbing distorted percussion, and it's got one hell of a hook, too. There's an unusual amount of space in "Drippin," which is mainly to make way for a metalic chord progression. The track fuses techno aesthetics with Drexciya-style synth blasts. Groove is paramount on Transmuter, and the butt-wiggling style is a direct contrast to the more abrasive elements that make up these tracks. It's most apparent on "Skitzo," which smooths out a searing acid line with an easygoing house strut. The excellent EP is rounded off with a brief diversion into wispy ambience that shows off the other aspects of Flanagan's range.)
Transmuter EP [Electronic Explorations EE:V:002
( ;D --> the first EE 12″ traversed the 130BPM plus bassier end of the spectrum, the label’s second vinyl release turns to electro with a four track EP from Dublin-based producer DeFeKT, who appeared on the aforementioned Electronic Explorations compilation with “Sunseq”. DeFeKT’s Transmuter EP will be Electronic Explorations first solo artist record, which follows the Irishman’s Switch EP released earlier this year on the Signal Code imprint, and his contribution to a Cultivated Electronics sampler which saw DeFeKT collaborate with Sync 24, alongside other productions from Gosub, Versalife and the ever-prolific Tadd Mullinix as J.T.C.)

( ;D --> eephax Acid Crew is a British acid techno and drum and bass electronic musician named Andy Jenkinson. Jenkinson is also known simply by the pseudonym Ceephax, which is a pun on the BBC teletext service Ceefax. He is the brother of Squarepusher (Tom Jenkinson).)
Cro Magnox
Imperial Lounge (Maximillion)

Happy New Year
Over And Out

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