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Friday, March 14, 2014

Flavor of the Week #11

( ;D --> Trust is the alter ego of Toronto artist Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski. With a soundscape consisting of subtle fragility and delicious sensuality, Trust (alter ego of Robert Alfons) has created one of the most darkly beautiful and atmospheric albums of 2012. Alfons' debut 'TRST' was released this past February and since then, he has taken his provocative sound to clubs across the globe. Dramatic landscapes take us from sonic and sexy to heavy and moody with Alfons' deep laments and moans guiding us through mazes of synth beats and pulsating rhythm. In a world of self-conscious gazes, inhibited desire and overwhelming attraction, the sound of Trust is saturated in a plethora of sounds that take us on an epic trip from places cold and distant to sexy and flirtatious, with rhythm that will incite both lust and the need to dance.)
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( ;D --> Foretaste is a Modern synth Pop duo with enigmatic names: XX handles the vocals with a very capable, sexy-sounding voice – with a French accent, of course – while XY does some very creative programming and backing vocals.)
Love On Demand
Terrorist TV
Atiq & EnK
( ;D --> In 2007 after a few years of exploring the Dutch metal scene, Guido & Pim got bored with screaming guitars and pounding drums, therefore Atiq & EnK joined forces for a new challenge. To create electronic music, without the fear of the unknown.
As years went by they evolved their sound not fearing the experiment and focussed on blending breakbeat and sampling with classical, atmospheric and bass heavy sounds.

Embracing The Unknown
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( ;D -->  Russian based audiovisual terrorists, Nick & Nastya aka IC3PEAK. Their musical debut 'SUBSTANCES' contains five obsession-worthy eerie compositions, lending a profoundly dark response to the overwhelming internet music domain.)
Substances EP
( ;D --> Tycho is the music project of San Francisco artist and producer Scott Hansen. As Tycho, Hansen blends swirling melodies into vaguely triumphant arcs that crisscross between stuttering beats and vocal samples, creating rolling sonic landscapes that extend into the horizon. Known in the design world as ISO50, Hansen is famed for his bucolic, sun-drenched design style, which serves as a backdrop and mirror for his musical output.)Awake
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Over And Out


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