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Friday, October 10, 2014

Flavor of the Week #41

Martial Canterel
( ;D --> Martial Canterel is definitely one of the most talented artist in electronic underground music of our time. Each and every single song of him is just gripping. The music stands in the tradition of the past, but is characterized by a super-intense signature sound which is full of melancholy. The mysterious lyrics and the brilliant voice that seems to be absent and emotional at the same time add to the sinister mood of the tracks.
If you are only a little bit into Minimal Wave or Synthpop, you can't ignore Martial Canterel. And if you don't, this could be your entrance ticket into this musical territory!.

Gyors, Lassú
And I Thought
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Opiate/Thomas Knak
( ;D --> Thomas Knak, 7 February 1973, Glostrup, Copenhagen, Denmark. Juxtaposing skittering micro-beats and minor melodies, Opiate creates beautiful music. On his 1999 debut Objects For An Ideal Home, he echoed Brian Eno’s original conception of ambient as simply ‘environmental music’, to create an album specifically devised and intended for home listening although the musician says that the ‘home’ isn’t necessarily ‘your three bedroom flat’ but can be ‘your body, your brain, your mental space or anywhere you choose to feel at home’. Opiate does not use keyboards or drum machines and says that eighty percent of his sounds are ‘from daily life objects - such as scissors - through a microphone’. Knak processes these ‘samples from other sources’ through his Macintosh computer. Although intricately produced, with an acute attention to detail, Knak has dubbed his recordings ‘spatial music’. That is, he deliberately eschews excessive layers, melody lines and effects, instead leaving space for the listener. The Copenhagen-based musician fulfils this aim with grace and beauty, making music with a beguiling charm and a peculiar clarity.)
Jakob Bro / Thomas Knak  Bro/Knak
Opiate/While You Were Sleeping

The Juan MacLean
( ;D --> Missing the arty disco of LCD Soundsystem? This will tide you over. MacLean was once in dance punks Six Finger Satellite, employing LCD's James Murphy as soundman. Now he's releasing thoughtful dancefloor fare on his label, sharing deadpan vocals with Nancy Whang. The result? A cosmic, contemporary Human League.)
In A Dream
A Simple Design
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( ;D --> electro ambience from Broklyn.)
Ghouls boiler room New York DJ set
With you and the wind

( ;D --> witchhouse ambience from Cheyenne Mountain.)
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Over And Out

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