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Friday, November 21, 2014

Flavor of the Week #47

Leæther Strip
( ;D --> According to founder Claus Larsen, Leæther Strip is, and always will be, only him. Larsen was born on November 13, 1967 in Aalborg, Denmark. He first released music under the name of Leæther Strip in 1989. However, his 1995 release G.A.W.M.U.S. (Getting Away With Murder U. S.) included two early demos from 1982 and 1984, with the latter forming the unknown beginning of the band according to an interview conducted with Claus Larsen. In 1991, Larsen created a side-project called Klute in which he also remained the sole member. It can be argued, and is by many, that the sound of Leæther Strip throughout the early 1990s helped define what is today known as electro-industrial. In a search performed on MySpace on December 1st, 2008, 294 bands had listed Leæther Strip (or "Leather Strip") as a musical influence, although the true number of bands influenced by Larsen's work is undoubtedly much higher. In 1994, Claus Larsen drastically changed the sound of Leæther Strip, with the release of a synthesized semi classical album. Conceived as a soundtrack to a fictional film, it was named Serenade for the Dead. The releases since then have reincorporated electronic dance elements, and have redefined Leæther Strip into what Larsen calls, "symphonic electro".)
Decay EP
"Æppreciation" Limited Edition
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Joris Voorn
( ;D --> Joris Voorn is a record producer and Dj from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Raised in a musical family, music naturally became an intrinsic part of Voorn's life from an early age. Electronic music first caught his attention in the mid-90's, and he started DJ'ing in 1997. By the end of 2000 Joris began building a small studio to produce his own music, which led to his first release called 'muted trax pt.1' on Keynote. His first EP was massive success, filling the record boxes of Carl Craig, Laurent Garnier, DJ Rush and Technasia. In 2003 'Lost memories Pt.1' was released on Technasia's SINO label and was followed by 'Lost memories Pt.2' containing the anthem 'Incident' which was heard on dancefloors around the world. After the success of 'Incident', Voorn released his debut cd album called 'Future History' on the Sino label. Encompassing 3 years of ideas and inspiration, the cd contains 20 diverse tracks, a seamless soundscape that represents his arrival as one of the most relevant techno producers of this time. In the summer of 2005 Joris Voorn's new personal outlet called 'green' saw the light of day. 'A dedicated mind' was released as the first EP, which garnered success globally. He also completed his debut DJ mix CD for the Fuse club in Belgium. After Dave Clarke, DJ Hell and Technasia, Fuse presented Joris Voorn to mix part 4 of their international resident's dj mix albums. The mix contained over 40 tracks of timeless techno music mixed with the help of Ableton Live for its endless mixing and editing possibilities. In 2006 the sophomore release under Voorn's Green label, named 'MPX_309', was a crossover techno work that was played out by techno, minimal, house and trance DJs. During the same year Voorn created his second album, released worldwide in June 2007. This new piece of work called 'From a deep place' featured many different styles of electronic music, ranging from atmospheric interludes to broken beats, house and deep soulful techno. The focus point of the 'From a deep place' CD has been the listener rather than the dancer and was received enthusiastically by the electronic music community. Some of the works were edited to more dj friendly tracks for the vinyl release of the album. During the summer of 2007 Joris has been touring with his new live performance in support of his album release. More recently, Joris has been focusing on collaborative efforts producing remixes for respected and diverse artists such as Robert Babicz, Nic Fanciulli, Slam, Steve Angello, Sebo K and Jerome Sydenham. The 'Dark Flower Magnolia Mix' for Robert Babicz turned out to be another summer anthem in electronic dance music, and was a favourite of DJ's like Sven Vath, Dubfire, Pete Tong and John Digweed among many others. In 2008, following the success of his resident advisor podcast, Joris was invited to produce episode 14 of the Balance DJ mix CD series from Australia. Following in the footsteps of James Holden and Lee Burridge, Joris
constructed a layered and seamless mix of electronic dance music on a double CD. An epic mix in the very best sense of the word, Balance 014 achieves the rare feat of combining variety and consistency, making it perfect for trainspotters and dancers alike. The tracks change quickly and quietly, but the groove stays.)

Nobody Knows
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Helmut Ebritsch
( ;D --> Helmut Ebritsch liveact/producer part of klartraum, hatikvah. Helmut is a born musician and started producing music on a c-64 with Chris Hülsbeck's "Soundmonitor". He totally fell in love with electronic sound and non-heard sound structures. Later he joined the Soundtracker-Scene on the Amiga Computer. But soon he switched to add Synths to his equipment. He then used the Octalizer Tracker to add Midi to his tracks. The Studio evolved over time and then he founded the Art Attack Studio. In 1997 "optophone",berlin released three eps. It was released under realname "Helmut Ebritsch".)
Friends EP 
empowerment (solee remix - cut) / burlesque musique…/helmut-ebritsch-empowerment

( ;D --> Иван Павлов (Ivan Pavlov) is a Russian-born veteran sound artist and engineer who has lived in Sweden since 1995. After Pavlov moved to Sweden, he adopted the alias COH (pronounced "son") which can be read in Cyrillic as well as in Latin alphabet and means in Russian sleep or dream. Aliases: CoH, Frankie Gothard, Oxy. In Groups: Chessmachine, Иван Павлов, Nice Box, SoiSong (together with late Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson from Coil & TG (  ).)
To Beat or Not To Beat
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And of cause "The Threshold house houseboy Choir":
The Threshold Houseboys Choir Amulet Edition
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Gnome & Spybey
( ;D --> Mark Spybey is no stranger to the annals of experimental ambient music, having been involved in a diverse range of projects such as Download, Zoviet France, Beehatch, and most famously Dead Voices on Air. Tony D’Oporto is another musical veteran with his own project Gnomes of Kush, though his talents have been more in the beat-driven genres of trance, synthpop, house and Down Tempo music. Together, these two masters of atmospheric craft form Gnome & Spybey.)

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