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Friday, December 19, 2014

Flavor of the Week #51

The Exaltics
( ;D --> After studying the people of earth for many years the exaltics came to our planet in 2006 to transmit their message to the people. Here they created their own platform: "solaronemusic" for their final mission. Whilst being amongst us they built up connections with people that understood the exaltic mother tongue. Collaboration partners like Z-bop, Transient Force, Bunker and Last Known Trajectory are examples of home bases on earth.)
Twelve Ep
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Synth Alien
( ;D --> Synth Alien lives in Antas de Ulla, geographic centre of Galicia. His relation with electronic music began in the year 2000 when he started to attend to Clubs of the northern Spain. His passion for music, as well as his curiosity and interest in technology, lead him to play with groove box, synthesizers and sequencers in 2007. At the end of 2009 he published his debut album "Cosmic Odyssey" on the Italian label Le Galassie di Seyfert Records. Since then, he continues making music.)
Stellar Walker
L'amour Est Parti (With Dmitry Distant feat AKA INK)

Jimmy Bessiff
( ;D --> Native of Marseille in 1985, Jimmy Bessiff had been bitten by the music bug at the end of 90's with artists like Spiral Tribes, Jeff Miles, Emmanuel Top...
He was quickly interested in making his own music when he discovered the neverending potential of computing technology, even before djing.
In early 2000, Jimmy had a crush on Rolland synthetizers and began to fit his home studio. Both self taught and technically trained he feels he has a lot to draw from.
The craze for his firsts attempts encourage him to bash on. Today, he gained a notable maturity on his work and he is naturaly more and more requested to play on stages.
2012, he begins to sign his productions on various techno labels such as Futura Records, Phantom Records, Subwoofer Records, Geisha Records, and many more.)

No Digital Love
Viens Avec Moi ( Original Mix ) [ CUT VRS ]

( ;D --> PVLMS establishes it's own unique aesthetic that would fit snugly anywhere that allows its soundscapes to sink in. The duo is unrepentant in its affliction for dense, mechanical sound collages, and when you make songs this engaging, such confidence is justified.)

Lorenzo Senni
( ;D -->  Lorenzo Senni from Itally deliveres a tireless investigator of dance music's mechanisms and working parts, and head of respected experimental label Presto!?,
the Italian musician produced one of the last couple of years most unique albums "Quantum Jelly" (on label Editions Mego).
An amazing deconstruction of sound and rave culture in the 90's, carefully analysing it's constituent parts for reuse
in a very different context, with repetition and isolation as key concepts.)


Over And Out

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