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Friday, January 09, 2015

Flavor of the Week #2

( ;D --> Bone-crunching beats, apocalyptical electro hymns and very energetic live appearances… hailing from Germanys real industrial heartland, the former coal and steel centers of the Ruhr area.)
Dunkelziffer (Lim.ed.) Doppel-CD

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( ;D --> Industrial electrofrom Germany.)
Entschleunigungsprozesse [Vernunft und Leidenschaft]
Meinungsfreiheit [feat. ICD​-​10]

( ;D --> BL/\CK CEILING is the alias of recording artist Dan Ocean, sometime hip-hop, electro and dubstep producer, and collaborator with rapper Quiz. A well-known figure in the local music scene of his native Spokane, Washington, Ocean's latest project BL/\CK CEILING explores the sounds and textures of the emergent Witch House genre.)
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Nurse With Wound
( ;D --> Nurse With Wound has been Steven Stapleton’s main musical outlet for some 30 years. He has also appeared on records by other artists and worked as a producer, remixer and, more recently, a critcially acclaimed soundtrack composer. As well as his musical output Stapleton is a highly accomplished and renowned painter and sculptor often working under the guise of ‘Babs Santini’. There are now over 50 full-length NWW titles. Stapleton’s eclectic tastes in art, film and music is often reflected in the broad and often unpredictable and unlikely music of NWW, the output of which draws directly on nearly every musical genre imaginable yet consistently retains a distinctively and recognizable Nurse With Wound ‘sound’. Although Stapleton has sole curatorship of NWW, the group has a long and illustrious list of collaborators including Diana Rogerson, Jim Thirlwell (Foetus), David Jackman (Organum), The Hafler Trio, Stereolab, Jim O’Rourke, Sunn O))), William Bennett (Whitehouse), Robert Haigh, Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade), Christoph Heemann, Faust, Annie Anxiety (Crass), Coil, Eberhard Kranemann (Kraftwerk, Neu!), Malian singer/songwriter Boubacar Traoré and, most regularly, David Tibet (Current 93).)
Lumbs sister
( ;D --> Newly remastered from the original analogue tapes by Denis Blackham. This music was originally conceived as raw material for the film project 'Lumb's Sister' by Chris Wallis. During the long evolution of his movie, Chris decided to use alternative source sounds and subsequently none of these pieces ever made it onto the completed film.)
Englands Hidden Reverse

( ;D --> New York-based Frank Mokros has already had a number of releases on HANDS, as four well-received albums under his electro industrial guise SYNTH-ETIK, also with his technoid project ATIV, now he (re-)joins for his sixth TOTAKEKE album. Under this moniker he has made himself a name for diligent sound design and deep electronica. Instead of sonic dabbling, he produces tight and poignant tracks. With “Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis” he has created a very topical electronica album, with plenty of atmospheric moments, also successfully integrating the rhythmic impact of his past projects, the result being quite upfront – IDM with balls.
Totakeke is an acquired taste, but one that’s easy on your buds – if you’re a seasoned electronic music listener.)

Me.Tem.Psy.Cho.Sis album teaser

je suis charlie
Over And Out

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