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Friday, November 06, 2015

Flavor of the Week #45

Pye Corner Audio
( ;D --> Pye Corner Audio is a British electronic music project by Martin Jenkins. Originally self-released, Vols 1 - 2 and Vols 3 - 4 of the Black Mill Tapes were released by Type records as TYPE107 and TYPE118. Sleep Games (2012) was released on Ghost Box. As Pye Corner Audio, Jenkins has supported the Scottish band Mogwai and contributed a remix to their 2014 EP Music Industry Fitness Industry.)
Dystopian Vector​:​Part Three (Serfin' Safari)
Black Mill Tapes Vol​.​4
Stars Shine Like Eyes

Sinoia Caves
( ;D -->  Sinoia Caves is the ongoing project of Jeremy Schmidt, member of psych-rock pioneers and Jagjaguwar band Black Mountain.)
Beyond The Black Rainbow
Forever Dilating Eye

ɐɹᵗʰrᶰ (arthrn)
( ;D --> 'Talented Young man from Montpellier, making awsome dreamy electro music.)
Invisible Presence.
Thecoldtree - Arthrn (EP)

MNYNMS (Many Names)
( ;D -->Emanating an essence that is synth driven and infused with mystical lyricism, MNYNMS presents a musical platform that represents the art of sound and creative transcendence. A collaborative endeavor that streams from the minds of Jessica Wahlquist and J.Childs, MNYNMS came to fruition organically, cultivating it's artistry through multi-faceted principles and unparalleled energy. Driven by the craft of style and seeped in spectral roots, MNYNMS culminates a visionary aspect transported through many names and many lifetimes, entirely enveloped with dynamic elements of refinement.)

The New Division
( ;D --> The New Division is an alias of the electronic artist John Glenn Kunkel. With 2 albums and 2 EP's under his belt, Kunkel returns in 2015 with Gemini, produced in collaboration with F.J. DeSanto from Hypefactor.
The third full length album can be branded as an ode to his signature sound, which has placed The New Division at the forefront of modern new wave music today. These 13 songs feature an eclectic mix of sonorous guitar hooks complemented by synth leads eerily narrating times past, all the while remaining boldly in the present.
The New Division's current lineup includes Michael Janz (synths), Alex Gonzales (drums), Daniel Corrales (bass/synth), and Bidi Grijalva (guitar).)
Introspective - Remixes

Over And Out

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