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Friday, April 08, 2016

Flavor of the Week #14

H 0 R D
( ;D --> Synthwave/Darkwave from France.)
Focus On Light
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Velvet Condom / Liste Noire
( ;D --> 'Liste Noire' is the new incarnation of the art-wave project Velvet Condom. Alice Gift and Oberst P., now joined by new member Kali on guitar and keyboard, are playing what they call "Disco Noir". The Berlin based French-Swedish trio released their debut EP "Afire Afire" in 2015 and a full-length album is scheduled for the spring of 2016.)
Collapse in Slow Motion

T.O.M. And His Computer
( ;D --> T.O.M is a producer who started out as a teen by looping bits and pieces on his 4 track taperecorder. As a teenager he held dj residencies at some of the biggest dancehalls in Copenhagen and Scandinavia. Now for the very first time T.O.M. and his Computer presents his very own music for a live audience. Although his music is computerbased, it may be hard to categorize just as electronic music. When performing T.O.M. mixes various pieces of electronica, lofi guitars, vocal sampels and cinematic soundscapes.)
Girl A Go Go
Small Disasters EP

Mater Suspiria Vision
( ;D --> Witch House - Ghost Drone - Haunted Disco Trance, Hansel and Gretel, Underground Culture of Kabul, Machine Gun Noise.)
The Singles 2010​-​2015
Sette Porte Dell'Inferno (Feat. Shivabel)
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( ;D --> Mushy is the solo project of Valentina Fanigliulo, a sound-experimentalist rising from the dusty ruins of Rome, the eternal city. Since 2003, Mushy’s style combines and synthesizes electronica, shoegaze, blues and new-wave, with a psychedelic/kraut soul. Her soundscape-like compositions reveal a spellbinding universe that emerges from the mixture of analog drum-machines, burgeoning cold drones, tempestuous noises and spectral chants. Mushy has been deeply inspired by the works of Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Slowdive, Lush, Minimal Compact, New Order, Swans, Nico, and legendary singers Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald. Mushy’s debut album, ‘Faded Heart’,  has been released by Italian underground label Mannequin Records on Feb 2011. It’s an album recorded essentially at home and its lo-fi charms derives from the amalgamation of obsessive drum-machine loops, synths and an effect-processed old and battered acoustic guitar, found in a flea market with only 4 strings. Mushy considers ‘Faded Heart’ as her personal take on blues. The album was picked as Rough Trade’s Album Of The Week, in March 2011 and was described as the most convincing European answer to contemporaneous releases by American artists such as Zola Jesus and Tamaryn.)
"All is Found, All is Lost"
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Over And Out

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