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Friday, May 13, 2016

Flavor of the Week #19

( ;D --> Amirali’s journey has taken him from living in Iran to Toronto to London where he now resides, via an architecture degree. Growing up in the city of Tehran, and starting piano lessons from the age of 5, Amirali’s main musical influence was his father’s record collection, which opened his eyes to classical, jazz, blues and rock'n'roll. At the age of 16 Amirali’s family immigrated to Toronto in the hope of a better future. Amirali’s musical prowess wasn’t picked up on until he transferred his architecture university studies to London in 2010. He now confesses the move was driven more by musical aspirations rather than academic. This proved to be a very good decision indeed. His mysterious and haunting vocals and forward thinking musical style caught the attention of A&R extraordinaire and Rebels head honcho Damian Lazarus.)
Chromatic Dreams
( ;D --> Chromatic Dreams This is the title track of Amirali's upcoming EP out on June 6th on DARK MATTERS.)
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( ;D --> Dark, dramatic and punchy authentic Electro literally fashioned from blood sweat and tears, man, emotion and machine.)
Entering Darkness
Intermolecular Density

Several Definitions
( ;D --> Super talented Swiss producer Jeremy Vieira is known as Several Definitions. His fresh sound means another step in the contemporary electronic music scene. His sound is hard to get a clear definition, it rides between tech-house and trance.)
Feed Us [Sincopat 41]

( ;D --> The french cult post punk band will release their new album "Baphomet" to 06-06-16 on Unknown Pleasures Records.)
Teaser created by Normotone

( ;D --> Melokind is unifying a wide variety of styles into a successful whole. Beyond the different genres of electronic music, among others Trance, Electro, Techhouse and Experimental, his artistic work also shows ongoing influence by classical music,rock, pop and rap. He draws his ideas and inspiration from the little things, day to day life, memories and nature.)

Deep Cuts (Original Mix)
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Over And Out

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