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Friday, September 16, 2016

Flavor of the Week #38

( ;D --> Marvelous Pure electronica from the UK based electronic music producer Emile Facey.)
Scars of Intransigence
Fire Burning Inside
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( ;D --> Debut by Dutch newcomer Colophon on Rosedale Records. Moody dub techno vibes with strong Detroit and Berlin influences. Remixes by NYC’s Brendon Moeller and Rotterdam duo Duplex. Respectively a more industrial approach.)
Mechanism And Motion
Mechanism And Motion (Florian Kupfer Remix)
Slan / Beatgatherers
( ;D --> Amazing Ambient electro premiere from Beatgatherers.)

( ;D --> cold wave dark electro synthwave from France. ONE FIGURE is a solo project created in 2015 by Michael Baska. Synthesizes both cold wave influences (Joy Division), post rock (Tortoise) and electronica (Autechre) but also psychedelic rock (Velvet Underground) or industrial (Coil). At first listen it seems an introspection on LSD in a parallel universe, but beyond images and sound analogies ago the original sounds that transmit a loss, lack, an emotion that fragile voice poetically expressed in the manner of a Dominique a, but less sleek and more blocked.)
Blind Window [cold electronica] (UPR 049) digital album

( ;D --> Iszoloscope is establishing ties between a myriad of different styles ranging from solemn orchestral constructs and rich dark ambient soundscapes to sequenced hard-hitting technoid industrial rhythms and fast remorseless drum and bass beat structures. mighty pulsating sub basses and loony melodic curls, hypnotic percussion and carefully placed bursts of electronics evoke highly energetic atmospheres of power and tension that resonate inside the listener's mind.)
false vacuum
Spectral inverter

Over And Out

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