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Friday, October 14, 2016

Flavor of the Week #42

Monolake / Robert Henke
( ;D --> Monolake is an electronic music act based in Berlin. Originally consisting of members Gerhard Behles and Robert Henke, Monolake is now perpetuated by Henke while Behles focuses on running music software company Ableton. In fall 2004, Torsten Pröfrock became a member of Monolake. Monolake's minimal, dub-influenced techno music helped establish the sound of the Chain Reaction label, also located in Berlin, subsequently using their own [ml/i] (Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music) label for the group's output. Both current members have solo projects, with Henke releasing under his own name and Pröfrock as T++ and Various Artists. In 2008 T++ followed Ricardo Villalobos in bridging the gap between minimal techno and dubstep, by remixing Shackleton's Death Is Not Final for the Skull Disco label. In 2009, Robert Henke appeared in the electronic music documentary Speaking In Code which presented the completion of the Monodeck. Monolake is named after Mono Lake, which is east of the Sierra Nevada in California.)
( ;D --> Interesting new album from Robert Henke, one of the leading innovators of dub techno and co-founder of Ableton! In VLSI, Henke channels African rhythms, dubstep, IDM and techno through an impressive range of modular and analogue electronic equipment, a list made quite surprising considering the stark minimalist elements at play. Henke describes the dystopian feel of the album as a very deliberate move, an attempt of his to distil the socioeconomic and political topics that high tech electronics companies often use as motivation and directly link them to the very machines that they manufacture.)
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Japan Suicide
( ;D --> Japan Suicide was formed in 2007, taking inspiration from the British post-punk echoes of the 1970s. Japan Suicide's debut album "Mothra" was released in 2010. Following several live performances, the band changed members. They auto-produced an ep and the video clip of the single "Nothing", directed by Francesco Brunotti. The band currently includes five members. In 2015 the band will release its second album "We Die In Such a Place", which is a stylistic combination of the dark atmospheres, so beloved by the band, with more aggressive sounds.)
We Die In Such A Place [post punk - cold wave]
"A Mood Apart"

THe WHite SHadow (FR)
( ;D --> THe WHite Shadow also known as Anthony Godwin was born with a Techno soul and he has soon delivered what we could considered as his own unique sound: a mixture of melodic beats with an incredibile variety of influences, in which future and past are carefully combined. Young and bright mind with already strong experiences and a forward thinking approach to music. His future seems bright, with upcoming release on Crossfrontier Audio that are going to take him far in the electronic and techno music world.)
Last of us (Dizharmonia Remix)
Lost EP

3six / 36
( ;D --> 36 (pronounced three-six) is the ambient / experimental project of Dennis Huddleston from the United Kingdom.)
The Infinity Room
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Gimme Shelter
( ;D --> Gimme Shelter is a band from Leipzig by Robert Grolms (vocals, songwriting) and Niko Kötzsch (music, production). Several concerts, including the legendary Wave-Gotik-Treffen in 2010 and as the opening act of the Swedish Synthipopband Elegant Machinery, the band could been denied. In addition, we know the two heads of the band also from various other musical projects. So Niko Kötzsch hired as well as in industrial band 1979. He also created many already remixes (e.g. for Haujobb, Seabound, Minerve, Halo Effect). Robert Grolms is also singer and pianist at Acoustic Mode, a Depeche Mode coverband. He also lends his voice to the rock project Suspicious Ones. The current production was, inter alia, in Leipzig, Munich, Frankfurt/Main and Weilheim in Oberbayern added. The band was supported here by none other than Daniel Myer (Architect, Haujobb, formerly collaborated on Covenant, already intensively with Alan Wilder) .)

Hans Mayer

Over And Out

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