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Friday, March 31, 2017

Flavor of the Week #14

DREAD / Production & Mastering by B. Lustmord.
( ;D --> While his days are spent working on sound design for Hollywood scores by Graeme Revell, sound designer Brian Williams records experimental ambience and dark space music as Lustmord. His recordings have been embraced by a variety of ambient fans, ranging from the '70s traditionalists at the Hearts of Space label to the ambient-techno experimentalists at Plug Research.)
In Dub
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SD-KRTR / Simon Carter
( ;D --> Electronic Dark-Electro UK underground artist/DJ Simon Carter's first encounter with the EBM/industrial scene made him want to launch a new project and break some more music boundaries. He found in Australia's Lawrie Masson (from the hard trance/dance act STUDIO-X) the right partner in crime to come up with something different and cutting-edge.)

( ;D --> Sick Music For Sick People (from France).)
Narcissick Volume II

Principia Audiomatica
( ;D --> Principia Audiomatica started officially its life when two minds, longtime friends and collaborators Miljenko Rajaković ( co-founder of the Implant Code project on MINUS HABENS RECORDS, electronic-industrial DJ with decades of work in the European clubs , and the sole surviving member of Dark ambient project TeHÔM) along with Siniša Očuršćak (founder of the TeHÔM project, professor of philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the University of Zagreb, editor of the acclaimed book '’The mind-body problem in the contemporary philosophy'’) have decided to start  an electronic project 1994.)
Distorted Information

( ;D --> Ambient electronica idm neo-classical from Netherlands.)

Over And Out

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