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Friday, April 21, 2017

Flavor of the Week #17

Floating Points
( ;D --> Floating Points debuts his first soundtrack work with Reflections - Mojave Desert, recorded to accompany a short film of the same name made in collaboration with director Anna Diaz Ortuño.)
Reflections - Mojave Desert
Dead Husband
( ;D --> Synthwave,Disco-Synth from US.)
Plastic Mind
( ;D --> Matt Saunders and John Hanson make up Magnetophone, an eclectic British electronica duo equally inspired by pop, electronic pioneers like Morton Subotnick, contemporary electronic artists like Autechre, and Krautrock. Early releases on underground labels like Earworm and Static Caravan led to their signing to 4AD.)
And May Your Last Words Be A Chance To Make Things Better
And May Your Last Words Be A Chance To Make Things Better
( ;D --> Lo-fi, Side-chained bit funk with lush vintage cream for the backward thinking individual.)
None LP
Eskimo Twins
( ;D --> Since meeting as students in Leeds, these two friends have shared their passion for music. The pair immersed themselves in the city’s clubbing and live music scenes and after discovering a mutual appreciation of Techno, Classic House, Indie, Acid and a lingering teenage love of Metal; they began making music together.)
Eskimo Twins Tracks
Hot on the heels of love

Over and Out
Back on Mainland

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