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Friday, June 23, 2017

Flavor of the Week #26

Joanne Pollock
( ;D --> Joanne Pollock uses her unique attentiveness to detail to weave intricate electronic fantasies. Using lush vocal melodies, she creates mythical dreamscapes with a “presence that demands to be heard” (Impose). Invocation TO called her a “rare talent” with “songs [that] become instant ear worms boring through your minds eye and keeping a kick in your step”.)

( ;D --> Glitch experimental at its finest! TROXUM, with his newest release, ‘Lucky Sun’ never fails to bring something new with his music, but with this visual, his first music video, it’s so surreal to see a visual representation of his thoughts.  The pale colors, and vast landscapes in the video capture the mystical vibes of his distorted sound, we couldn’t ask for more.)
Vorobey March
Brigador, Up​-​Armored EP
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Decada 2
( ;D --> Decade 2 is a Mexican electronic project born in 1985 Founded by Mateo Lafontaine and Carlos Garcia. Today Mateo continues the project based on the same genres that gave birth to D2: industrial, E.B.M. minimal synth, electro.)
New reasons
Década 2 " Temas En Giros Sagrados Para Acercarse a Dios"
The Valley

Fuck Yuo I Am a Robot
( ;D --> Rough electro from Rotterdam/Tallinn.)
Disappearance Of A Soviet Climatologist

( ;D --> electronica from Berne, Switzerland.)
Flower Art Picture

Over and Out
Glad Midsommar

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