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Friday, July 07, 2017

Flavor of the Week #28

( ;D --> Pangaea is the recording name for Hessle Audio co-founder Kevin McAuley. In Drum Play features skeletal techno which still bears the intensity of rave that has set maverick experimentalist McAuley apart over the last decade.)
In Drum Play
( ;D --> Born in Newcastle in the North of England, a place steeped in dance music heritage, JOBE was initiated into the club scene at an early age. Despite 'getting involved' most weekends, and surrounding himself with other music heads, it wasn't until his close friend was given turntables for Christmas that he realized he wanted to embark on a career in music. Many years later, with countless hours of vinyl hunting under his belt, he was DJing in the local bars and clubs of Leicester where he attended university. Despite enjoying his years in Leicester, recognizing it as the place he truly evolved musically, he longed for more and decided to take the right steps to progress further in the scene. JOBE wanted to pursue the full time career, however he realized that the scene had evolved over recent years, and in order to play at the more prestigious venues it was vital to have a strong output as a producer, as well as a DJ.)
colourssiege of syracuse
The 5th Movement
Mauro Nakimi
( ;D --> Professional dj/producer/live act since 1991,with different artist names has played hardcore rave breakbeat,jungle,techno,hard trance,drum&bass,breakbeats and nu skool breaks in and out of his country.Writing his own music since mid nineties has tasted and released many styles of music on analog formats.Using his own tracks in his performances on the best events of those years at the spanish electronic music scene until the beginning of the 21 century.Then he signed for an English management,and decided to involve more on techno music and subgenres, during this period he had the chance to perform in some of the most relevant London Clubs of the moment and in almost the whole SouthEngland.When he came back to his original country, he started a searching for his very own personal style,to define his music production according to the new digital Era. On those years he was playing music in several important events,with top worldwide artists,clubs and organizers.Owner of Alivelab Records Group ( 4 Digital/Analog labels Group ).Currently has released on vinyl/cd/digital format,supported for many international artists worldwide ,and also he collaborates with more than 50 international labels. Nowadays, Techno and Electro/Bass/Breaks are his main sound reference,when performing his live acts and dj sets, Detroit techno sounds with a strong influence of central Europe sounds.Very technical and creative on his execution in any format, this artist is able to involve us in a unique and genuine athmosphere…… Just for true electronical quality music listeners reserved.)
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( ;D --> Burial is an electronic musician from South London. His eponymous debut album was released in 2006 to critical acclaim. The Wire magazine named it their album of the year and it came fifth in the Mixmag 2006 Album of the Year list. On Friday, September 28th 2007, a new Burial album was announced, and Untrue was released 6 weeks later on November 5th. Although both albums have been met with much critical acclaim, Burial remained anonymous until August 2008, stating in a past interview that “only five people know I make tunes”. In February 2008, The Independent reported that Burial was an alumnus of south London’s Elliott School named William Bevan (another alumnus, Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, said in 2006 that Burial was in the year above him). The school’s alumni also include Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet, with whom Bevan has collaborated.)
Subtemple / Beachfires
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Synthetic Organs
( ;D --> Cosmic electro disco by Brian Feral & Funsize Jonny.)
A Roar From A Northern Shore
Over and Out

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