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Friday, November 24, 2017

Flavor of the Week #48

Carlos Native
( ;D --> Carlos Native is an electronic music producer / composer / live performer from Southern Spain. His fondness for dance music comes since an early age. He started to mix with vinyl discs since the age of 13. His first’s mixes were mostly influenced by ‘break’ sounds from the 90’s. At the beginning of the millennium, his interest in techno and minimal started, and began to produce his own tracks with software like ‘Rebirth’ & ‘Fruit Loops’.)
Scheduled Life
See also:

( ;D --> Witch house/Synth Wave from Athens,Greece.)
gone w/ shardem
Aurora - Runaway (NIGHT GRIND x MUNEYLXRD Remix)

Randal Collier-Ford
( ;D --> Dark Ambient, Drone, Industrial, and Avantgarde Electronic Music.)
Session 3 (Cinematic Mix)

The Shyness of Strangers
( ;D --> The Shyness of Strangers is Vadim Kristopher, a Polish born Canadian who spends most of his life adrift, but comfortable alone. Exploring sonic landscapes with repetitive themes through corridors of human emotion, loudly. Drawing inspiration from life's more melancholy moments, but deafening the sadness as his music turns the sorrow into celebration. For fans of O Children, Bleib Modern, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry or Joy Division.)
Time [dark wave - post punk]

( ;D --> Experimental darkwave/post-punk from Los Angeles.)
To Deaf And Day
Over And Out

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