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Friday, March 23, 2018

Flavor of the Week #13

Anthony Rother
( ;D --> Anthony Rother is an electro-techno producer from Germany who rose to prominence in the mid-'90s on the label Kanzleramt before founding numerous labels of his own, most notably Psi49net and Datapunk. Influenced primarily by Kraftwerk and Detroit techno.)
THE ABYSS / Synthesizer Music Vol​.​1
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( ;D --> Ochre is the work of Newcastle, UK-based artist, Christopher Leary. He has been crafting utopian, melancholic music since 2001, and has released albums on Toytronic, Benbecula, Village Green and Shipwrec.)
Karsten Pflum - I Am Ice
Beyond the Outer Loop

( ;D --> Brazilian Electro is out of this world and is sure to destroy the dance floor and shake the roofs of off any party. With a mix of twisted Vocoded Electrodisko and hard bass driven old skool inspired tracks, there sure is something for every Electro fan to shock out too.)
Venom e​.​p.

( ;D --> The name Stendeck is derived from a variation of the final strange Morse code radio message sent by the plane Stardust on August 2nd, 1947 before its mysterious disappearance. Based in Lugano, Switzerland, Alessandro Zampieri, the man behind Stendeck, began his musical career at a very young age exploring music within the confines and possibilities of the piano. Stendeck was eventually formed in 1999 when Alessandro, at the age of 22, turned his attention to the new horizons and fantastic possibilities of electronic music.)
New release
New album coming up
Tonight is forever

( ;D --> Vuchko aka M3taN01a was born and raised in Gostivar,Macedonia. He showed his talent and interest in music from an early age and began playing different kinds of instruments since he was a little kid,trying different styles and different genres.In his teenage years he developed a great interest in electronic music.His talent was recognized by the Mexican label Mision 115 for whom he released his first ep in 2014 under the alias M3taN01a.)
Experiment 69 (AGD019)
Flesh it Out
The Answer Will Come
( ;D --> track 10. M3taN01a.)

Over And Out

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