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Friday, May 11, 2012

Flavor of the Week #20

( ;D --> Since 2003, Ben Lukas Boysen is writing, producing and performing music, specializing in sounddesign and composition. The focus of every project is to find an efficient and direct way to leave a strong emotional impact, whether it is the production of an album or the conception and completion of a commercial project. The concept of investing a lot of thought and therefore making every production special rather than settling with something fast and convenient is the driving force behind every project as well as the thought that every score, commission, track, or remix should get the same amount of attention and detail. In short: moving away from music and sound as a product and perceive every project as a customizable and individual challenge.)
Hypnos II (Lost For Words)

William Kouam Djoko
( ;D --> William Kouam Djoko was born near the Dutch The Hague and was raised by a Cameroonian father and Dutch-Ukrainian mother. Ever since his childhood he’s been affected by rhythm, soul and music in general. Starting off as a (professional) dancer, he ended up with playing music when he joined forces with Pete Bandit, Jason Shae and Newton Da Costa to form Jason & The Argonauts.With William mainly focusing on the vocals they ended up to be one of the first and most successful minimal house live acts in the Dutch scene. In the summer of 2011, Jason & The Argonauts are playing their two very last shows, a closure to very beautiful chapter in the book of William’s musical career. William’s solo career, which really started in 2008, with a full 12” on ThirtyOneTwenty, will always benefit from all the experience he accumulated being one of the Argonauts. The “Hard Loving” release earned international respect and gave William a perfect way to present himself as one of Amsterdam’s most diverse and creative house producers.  A lot of big gun producers and DJ’s picked up William’s interesting sound which earned him spots on some of the most respected compilations around like the Watergate, Cocoon and Balance series.His sound, which characterized by full grooves with freaky bits and pieces, got floors shaking from Italy to Berlin and from Barcelona to London. William takes it to the proverbial next level.)
We Are Your Brothers & Sisters
Enforce YS!

( ;D --> Soft dub techno from Gary Brackley, London.)
TTX1 - E2 etc.

Dustin Zahn
( ;D --> The story behind Dustin Zahn is not a particularly unique or exciting one. There are no breakthrough moments or mentors who have taken him under their wing. But since 1998, his work has put his career on a slow and steady ascent. Along the way, Dustin has gained over 10 years of experience and unrivaled musical diversity as both a producer and a performer. This alone has earned him respect among techno and house legends, purists, and contemporary DJs. He now performs regularly around the world at some of the most reputable clubs and festivals along with some dodgy, sleazy warehouses and beach parties in-between.)
Tunnels (Dub Tool)!

Mehmet Akar
( ;D --> Mehmet Akar is one of the most respected and internationally recognized DJs / Producers from Turkey. His music combines deep, melodic, smooth and techy elements based on progressive flows and house vibes.)
Pink Panther EP

Over And Out

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