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Friday, May 25, 2012

Flavor of the Week #22

The Soft Moon
( ;D --> The Soft Moon is a San Francisco based neo Post-Punk band composed of Luis Vasquez (singer/songwriter/guitar/synthesizers), Justin Anastasi (bass), Damon Way (synthesizers), and Ron Robinson (visuals). Keven Tecon joined the band as a drummer in early 2012. As purveyors of the emerging Post-Apocalyptic sound, The Soft Moon has taken cues from early Synthpunk/Post-Punk bands such as Chrome, Suicide, Danse Society, and The Units.)
Total Decay

( ;D --> Mascara (or M△S▴C△RA, if you really insist), is just the tip of a giant iceberg of weirdness called witch house, or sometimes haunted house, or occasionally drag. We know almost nothing about M△S▴C△RA, but that’s par for the course with your average witch house band—except for Salem, they’re all a giant pain in the ass to research. We can tell you that they have an EP out called Black Mass, they’re apparently based in (or at least near) New York, they have some association with the AMDISCS label, and they’ve collaborated with another witch house artist called Ceremonial Dagger. Enjoy :).)Sonnambula
Robot Elephant vs. Tundra Dubs Compilation - LP
Mascara & //TENSE// - Empire of Man
Mascara & The Ceremonial Dagger - Black Mass

( ;D --> Chymera was born and raised in Ireland, but currently resides in Berlin. Being interested in music all his life, it was in 2000 when he was exposed for the first time to electronic music. Quickly latching onto the melody and aggression of techno he learned how to DJ, and in 2002 made the transition to production. He creates a unique mix of techno and house, occasionally touching on electronica, electro and ambient, for such renowned labels as Ovum, NRK, Delsin and others. He is in demand on the DJ and Live circuit and has played all over Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.)
Strange Things Are Afoot - Original Mix
Dreamrunner (Funk D'void Remix)

Aesthetic Perfection
( ;D --> Aesthetic Perfection is an American electronic-industrial musical project created by Daniel Graves in 2000. As of Fall 2011, Aesthetic Perfection is signed directly to Metropolis Records in the USA and Out of Line Records in Europe. Additionally, the band is licensed to Gravitator Records in the Russian federation and Death Watch Asia in Japan.)
A Nice Place to Destroy
All Beauty Destroyed
Inhuman (Official Video)
As We Decay - Life Cried!

( ;D --> Nightcrawler is the George Gold's alter ego, co-founder of Medusateam. He's borned in Spain on 1979. He is art director and graphic designer during the day, when the sunset comes in and the midnight a
rrives he turns into Nightcrawler in order to create dark beats of electronic music.)
Bassferatu EP

Over And Out

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