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Friday, June 15, 2012

Flavor of the Week #25

Hot Chip
( ;D --> The main duo of British group Hot Chip are Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor (who go by Ulysses and Sophocles, respectively, in liner notes and elsewhere), write the music and sing the songs. Joe is the master of beats, and Alexis works the keys. They are joined by Owen Clarke on keyboards and guitar, Felix Martin (Mankf) with drums and MPC, and Al "Do It" Doyle on guitar and anything else.)
In Our Heads
( ;D --> In Our Heads is the fifth album from English quintet Hot Chip. It's 11 stellar tracks of hyper-infectious pop, fizzing percussion, and addictive bass line; there is even a gorgeous ballad or two.)
Se also:
Motion Sicknesss

Saint Saviour
( ;D --> Saint Saviour is a singer and songwriter from Teeside in the North East of England. She started out in electro band The RGBs before going on to front Groove Armada and co-writing their album Black Light. She is now a solo artist and recently recorded her debut album, 'Union', due for release on her own label, 'Surface Area' on June 25th 2012. Union (Will be released on June 25.)
I call this home

( ;D --> Maestro is a trio. 2 third French, 1 third Scottish :
A sound maniac. An addiction specialist. A Genesis P-Orridge worshiper. Produced between the Tigersushi studio and a cave, it sounds more epic than ever. On the B-side, the Horrors deliver a synth heavy dubby remix that sounds like a collab between The Residents and Emperor Machine. Dub-not-dub, Disco-not-Disco, Pop-not-Pop.)

Timbuck (The Horrors Remix)
( ;D --> New epic electronic pop single by French / Scottish trio Maestro. Their original version of "Timbuck" has a driving 4/4 house beat, indie vocals and plenty of bleeping electronics and synth work. Indie-dance we calls it. The Horrors remix on the flipside is a bit special, riding a motorik rhythm with a sliding acid bassline, hissing cymbals, krautrock analogue synths and a side order of BBC Radiophonic sound effects. The kind of thing you might hear Andrew Waetherall spinning down at his Love From Outer Space club night.)

Suburban Knight
( ;D --> James Pennington Profile: A crucial figure on the outskirts of Detroit techno since the mid '80s, James Pennington's recordings as the Suburban Knight pioneered the moodier side of the Motor City with classics like "The Art of Stalking" and "The Groove." And though he collaborated on the biggest hit to come out of Detroit, the techno-pop monster "Big Fun" by Inner City, he later recorded with subterranean mainstays Underground Resistance.)
My Sol Dark Direction
Collaboration Alpha
Collaboration Alpha

Brain Leisure
( ;D --> Brain Leisure is a one-man dark electro project hailing from France. In the late 80's and early 90's, Dominique Debert was heavily influenced by Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Numb, the Klinik, Vomito Negro and last but not least Leaether strip.)
Methods To Madness
:Defect - by Trial                         

Over And Out

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