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Friday, June 22, 2012

Flavor of the Week #26

( ;D --> The pure electro sound from china.)
Technology and Civilization
Noise&Noise 2012-03-31 live at Beijing

Tristesse Contemporaine
( ;D --> For a group with only one released song (and an interpolation of Paul Simon's '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover' at that), the trio of Parisian ex-pats known as Tristesse Contemporaine have sure built up quite a monolith of mystery. Their name comes from a small publication by art historian Hippolyte Fierens Gevaert, though finding out much more is difficult. If not impossible. However, comprised of Narumi and Mau from Telepopmusik and Leo from Aswefall, their musical output has caught the attention of the Parisian underground.)
Hell Is Other People EP

Hell Is Other People
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( ;D --> The project started in 2011 after a common Post New Wave Tour.Joris Oster and Raphaël Haubourdin decided to create an electro band merging the power of a fuzzy bass guitar with electronic signals. After few nights spent in a recording studio, Alchemy took place Joris, already bass player in Silver Riot, delivers amazing hard tones in accordance with the Keys sequences and deep voices of Raphaël Haubourdin, also the father of Graceland, a darkwave project. Organic, an effective and original project to shake you head.)
Waves Are Running


( ;D --> At the forefront of a new generation of hiphop-leaning electronica producers, Lorn comes branded with the Flying Lotus seal of approval. Lorn, dropping the dynamic hiphop electronica with impressively powerful synth arpeggiations between scuttling drums and digital strings, benefitting from a mastering job by Chris Clark, with slow and grinding hiphop rhythms rubbed with basalt horror synths and advanced digital processing. fans of everything from NIN to Gaslamp Killer should check )
Ask The Dust
( ;D --> Lorn returns with a new full-length album, his debut on Ninja Tune, and it’s a huge stride forward since Nothing Else (released on Brainfeeder, June 2010). Listening back to his first album, Lorn says it now seems “cold and strict.” Ask The Dust, on the other hand, is “haunted, oily, smeared,” and with this description he captures something of the intensely felt, visceral aliveness of the music.)
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( ;D --> Shapeshifter formed in 1999 after the four founding members met at Jazz School. They had a range of musical backgrounds ranging from dub, jazz, and hip-hop, to metal, funk and electronica. As a result, they decided to bring these influences together to create live drum & bass. After playing locally and releasing an early EP entitled D.N.A, they quickly became known as a fresh, innovative act.)

Summer Haze!

Happy Summer Solictice :) 

Over And Out

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