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Friday, August 24, 2012

Flavor of the Week #35

( ;D --> The sideproject THYX released their debut single "Into the Realm". It seems that Stefan Poiss, the mastermind behind, was getting bored in his studio because now there is a second electronic music project out there penned by him. Big arrangement, sci-fi atmosphere and a very unique sound were the trademarks by and made them famous in the Gothic/Electro scene. The sideproject THYX, which was founded by Stefan Poiss in January this year, stays very electronic but gives the sound a more experimental touch without loosing the catchy tunes and atmosphere.)
The Way Home
T_amazon review
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Fear (

( ;D --> [mkn], also known as [makina] is an Audio Producer who has transcended Music Genres to create an international '[mkn]' effect. While punishing the dance-floors all over the World with his heavy breaks and massive beats; Revengeful, yet unforgiving Ethnic-heritage, machine is the power behind the sets of thousands of Audio Engineers from Japan to Alaska.)
KonceptArts?-?Ionized [makina] Remi
Drop that Shi
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( ;D --> Aepiel is a dub techno, ambient & experimental music producer from Birmingham UK. Using analog equipment, samples, layered drum patterns, deep ambient textures & field sounds for productions and DJ sets whilst drawing inspiration from the European Dub scene and 90's electronica, the goal of the project is to create emotional digital soundscapes with a cinematic style. All of the tracks on this page are pre-mastered snippets.)
Lost After Losin

Draconic Elimination Project
( ;D --> In:Parallel is the first collaboration between two rising forces in UK industrial/Electronica/EBM. The release sees the creative union of Draconic Elimination Projects and MiXE1 and makes for a thoughtful and thought provoking experience. The tracks within the EP scale industrial subgenres pulling them into a fully intriguing and at times mesmeric relationship with the ear. Imaginative and unpredictable the EP ignites sure promise for further artistic merges as well as a keen trigger to investigate the individual work of those involved in the release.)

( ;D --> "Digitalchord", the Brazilian rising star has been making a name for himself for the past year and 2012 is the year of the mask! The man behind the mask Digitalchord is a symbol of production skills and driving sound. This Brazilian rising star has gained a lot of support in his releases on Big Alliance Records and Perfecto Records as well as the support from the big gest names on the electro Scene like Far Too Loud, Hirshee, Alex Mind, Electric Soulside, Sean Tyas, Mc Flipside to name only a few.)
July 2012
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