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Friday, August 31, 2012

Flavor of the Week #36

( ;D --> Firemensch is EBM with influences of coldwave and industrial and more. Influenced by DAF, Nitzer Ebb, JÃger 90, Project-X, Valis, Fad Gadget, The Horrorist and many more, and is formed by Fernando Alonso & Matias Alonso (music production) & Helder Camberos (vocals lyrics). Fernando & Matias have their project MATSFER and they have remixed several projects on several labels including Black Leather Records Advanced Synergy and mor Matsfer is signed and has been released on digital on Black Leather Records. Helder has his projects RED INDUSTRIE, ISIS SIGNUM,  W.A.R.D.R.O.B.E. amongst others and is director of the label Advanced Synergy in Mexico. And has been signed and released by digital labels Black Leather Records, Black Montanas, Sango Music, Electrico Records, Null Republik and by physical Labels such as Electro Arc (Germany), Sigsaly Transmissions, and more. Helder has remixed artists (as Isis Signum & Red Industrie) like Implant Leaether Strip Glis Ayria etc. And have been remixed by names like Millimetric, Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Destroid, Covenant) Implant, Vicious Pink, Equitant, Ionic Vision, Autodafeh, Darkmen, Modulate, Syrian and more.)
Death Beat

John 00 Fleming
( ;D --> John Fleming (or John "00" Fleming) is an English trance producer and DJ from Worthing, West Sussex. He has had releases on record labels such as Ministry of Sound, Deconstruction Records, Logic Records, and 3 Beat Music. He also owns and runs Joof Recordings. He has performed at many clubs including Cream, Gatecrasher, Ministry of Sound, and Godskitchen. In his early 20s, Fleming battled lung cancer. Fleming was originally involved in goa music, but changed over to harder trance music before shifting to psychedelic trance. He traces his influences back to early 1990s acts such as Astral Projection and Juno Reactor.)
Fires of chameleo
Oxygene proculture remix
See also

( ;D --> Vienna-based guitarist Christian Fennesz is one of the city's many artists associated with the noted Editions Mego label, which releases mostly free-form ambient and experimental electronica. Similar in some respects to the work of Seefeel or Experimental Audio Research, Fennesz's six-string soundscapes are both darker than the former and more complex and intricate than the latter, combining dense, multi-layered sheets of treated guitar and synth with thin, odd-metered electronic percussion and engaging sampler work. A former member of Austrian underground experimental rock group Maische, Fennesz has also collaborated with Mego artist Peter "Pita" Rehberg on his Seven Tons for Free CD, as well as performed ensemble pieces for conceptual and multimedia art installation. His first solo work for Mego, the Instrument EP, was released in 1996, and featured four tracks of stunning, uncompromising ambient and electro-acoustic music, combining elements of experimental electro/techno with heavily treated guitar and electronics.)
Black Sea!

( ;D --> Small circuits, buttons, and a bunch of keys to create my frequencies of feelings.
A new age of devices connected to the world, Share, Love, Hope for the Future. The whole planet sure looks fascinating through glass lens circuitry, But make sure you get lots of fresh air.)

NorthWestern Passages E

( ;D --> Ambient Drones by Antonio Giova + Valerio Gomez de Ayala, Portici (Napoli), Italy)
mnml ssgs mx23 natural/electronic.system. from napoli to rotterdam mix (part 1)

Over And Out

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