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Friday, February 01, 2013

Flavor of the Week #6

How to destroy angels
( ;D --> How to Destroy Angels = Trent Reznor + Wife? Rumors have been swirling today that a new project called How to Destroy Angels is perhaps the collaboration between Trent Reznor and his wife, Mariqueen Maandig of West Indian Girl. Consequence of Sound received a cryptic email from a publicist that says a 6-track EP will be out this summer and it includes the URL for the "band" website. Though the site features little else but what could be the album art and an equally mysterious 40-second video (below), the lady on the cover does resemble Mariqueen and the music bears all the sonic similarities to NIN's Year Zero. If anything, Reznor's stated in the past that he is a fan of Coil and How to Destroy Angels is one of said band's earliest, best releases.)
Welcome Oblivion
Welcome oblivion
How Long
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Depeche Mode
( ;D --> Groundbreaking, chart-topping electronic legends Depeche Mode Sounds On top of the game after almost 30 years together. Eclectic and energised, they sound like a band reborn.)
( ;D --> I'm, betting on the B-side)
All thats mine
Delta Machine
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Cryogenic Echelon
( ;D --> Based in Australia, Cryogenic Echelon is first and foremost, the creative and critical outlet of Gerry Hawkins. As the embodiment of his innermost thoughts, ideals and vision of humanity. Splicing genres like genes, remapping and suturing the audio structure combining Industrial, Hard Dance, Ambient, EDM & several other styles together in order to create what you see and hear before you.)
Pandora & Persephone

Diamond Version -
( ;D -->  the forward-thinking German producers (and Raster-Noton label founders), Byetone and Alva Noto behind the experimental collaborative project, Diamond Version, created a recondite 'mission statement' playing out a repetitive digital message over a backdrop of dark, synthetic tones. Displaying: 'A greater measure of confidence. A promise for life. A virtual world of live pictures. Because I'm worth it'… the video presented endless corporate slogans removed from their contexts, creating a sinister utopia along with the duo's track titles which were to follow.)
Turn On Tomorrow

Zandoz Corp.
( ;D --> Brazil's Zandoz Corp. is fronted by Adriano Machado, longtime Saol Paulo alternative electronics DJ and rhythmic noise and breakcore madman. ZandoZ Corp. has been actively producing music since 2005, bringing two full length albums and three EP's to an audience that is eager for more of his unique style of playful rhythmic noise.)
Personal Apocalypse

Over And Out

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