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Friday, February 15, 2013

Flavor of the Week #8

( ;D --> A legend returns with the first new album in the original line up after 22 years! When Marc Verhaeghens and Dirk Ivens formed under the “The Klinik”-moniker more than 29 years ago, they created an all-new subgenre of electronic music with their enthralling mix of cold, harsh, sequencer-dominated sounds, watered down arrangements, minimalist lyrics and a distinctive, hissing vocal style. Floor fillers, like “Memories”, “Moving Hands” or “Black Leather” are still standard repertory in most underground clubs around the world and the group’s bare-bones-no-nonsense Industrial-sound is an important inspiration for aspiring groups to this day.)
Eat Your Heart Out
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And (Absolute Body Controll/Dirk Ivens):
( ;D --> According to founder Claus Larsen, Leæther Strip is, and always will be, only him. Larsen was born on November 13, 1967 in Aalborg, Denmark. He first released music under the name of Leæther Strip in 1989. However, his 1995 release G.A.W.M.U.S. (Getting Away With Murder U. S.) included two early demos from 1982 and 1984, with the latter forming the unknown beginning of the band according to an interview conducted with Claus Larsen. In 1991, Larsen created a side-project called Klute in which he also remained the sole member. It can be argued, and is by many, that the sound of Leæther Strip throughout the early 1990s helped define what is today known as electro-industrial. In a search performed on MySpace on December 1st, 2008, 294 bands had listed Leæther Strip (or "Leather Strip") as a musical influence, although the true number of bands influenced by Larsen's work is undoubtedly much higher. In 1994, Claus Larsen drastically changed the sound of Leæther Strip, with the release of a synthesized semi classical album. Conceived as a soundtrack to a fictional film, it was named Serenade for the Dead. The releases since then have reincorporated electronic dance elements, and have redefined Leæther Strip into what Larsen calls, "symphonic electro".)
Serenade for the dead II
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( ;D --> Debut EP from Portland based synth project, Ortrotasce. All songs written and recorded by Nic Hamersly. DFile under: electronic shoegaze,  cold wave, electronic industrial minimal, post punk synth wave.)
Forgotten (EP)

Goitia Deitz
( ;D --> Brooklyn’s Goita Deitz are a loving tribute in many ways to the good old days of the sequencer based synth sound of the 70s Berlin School of electronics. Their music could just as easily be used in some new documentary about the solar with high tech computer graphics as much as it is private “bedroom music” we listen to as we contemplate existence while staring into our lava lamp with the black light on.)

Helium Vola
( ;D --> Helium Vola is a band project by Deine Lakaien- mastermind Ernst Horn and the singer Sabine Lutzenberger which combines medieval and modern lyrics with electronic music.)

Over And Out

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