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Friday, June 07, 2013

Flavor of the Week #24

Guy Gerber
( ;D --> Guy Gerber has always been comfortable as an outlier. From being the rock kid at the rave, to the Israeli DJ on the European club circuit, to the electronic producer with a fetish for live instruments, he tends to skirt the edge of whatever scene he's in. It's a position that suits him well––so far it's led to dozens of lush, melodic records, an ever-evolving live act and his own label, Supplement Facts. This nonconformist attitude, combined with the emotional content of his art (so rare in today's electronic music), explains how Gerber keeps his audience locked in, be it on record or on stage.)
Steady (feat. Jaw)/Defected In The House Miami 2013
Fabric 64: Guy Gerber
Steady feat. Jaw (Richie G's 'She's The One' Remix)
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Nine Inch Nails
( ;D --> Nine Inch Nails (abbreviated as NIN, sometimes stylized as NIИ) is an American industrial rock project, founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio. As its main producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Reznor is the only official member of Nine Inch Nails and remains solely responsible for its direction. Nine Inch Nails' music straddles a wide range of genres. After recording a new album, Reznor usually assembles a live band to perform with him. The touring band features a revolving lineup that often rearranges songs to fit a live setting. On stage, Nine Inch Nails often employs visual elements to accompany performances, which frequently include light shows.)
Came Back Haunted
( ;D --> After Trent Reznor let slip last week that he had secretly recorded a new Nine Inch Nails album over the past year, he offered the title and release date yesterday, along with a slippery new song and the itinerary for a fall tour.)
Hesitation Marks (will be released September 3rd)

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Cynical Existence
( ;D --> Project of Fredrik Croona (Ex Project Rotten and Menschdefekt) and Steve Alton (System:FX). bleeding from the ears is a normal side-effect. Cynical Existence started out as a solo project from founder and lead vocalist of the aggrotech/industrial act Project Rotten and also former vocalist of dark electro/industrial act Menschdefekt.)

Paul Jebanasam
( ;D --> UK based Sri Lankan born artist Paul Jebanasam. Rites brings together five settings of stark sonic poetry whose underlying logic bridges the worlds of contemporary classical, metal, sacred music and sound design.)
( :D --> With the scope of modern composition, the ferocity of metal, and the starkness of electronic music at its bleakest, Paul Jebanasam's debut full-length on his own Subtext imprint is a savage and intimidating creature. This awe-inspiring presence is only superseded by the deft, mult-dimensional compositions that make up "Rites." Though rooted in the language of electronic music, the difference between this album and those usually tagged with that genre is a vast chasm in both vision and execution as "Rites" is more akin to Ben Frost's "Theory of Machines" or Deaf Center's "Owl Splinters." The highpoints are many - from the string-imbued "Rites III" to the static-drenched epic "Rites IV" - but Jebanasam's best moment is the album's second track. "Rites II" is a menacing thriller of a song that roils to a blistering peak of distortion blasts and throbbing sub-bass and leaves the listener battered and wanting more. As a debut, "Rites" is beyond impressive. - Ryan Potts, Experimedia.)

U Hang No Da
( ;D --> Industrial punk from Oska, Japan, recomended by CEvin Key :).)
Recorded on 2005 sense

Over And Out

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