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Friday, June 28, 2013

Flavor of the Week #27

( ;D --> Electronic Horror Soundtracks To Psychic Photography.)
( ;D --> ( ;D --> Named after a kind of fungi, Röyksopp was formed in 1998 by Norwegians Torbjörn Brundtland and Svein Berge who delivered a new kind of electronica with their debut album Melody A.M. in 2001.
The sound was a big hit with the advertising world and tracks were co-opted for a variety of products including a Apple, an insurance group and broadcasters in the US and the UK.
With their taste for experimentation extending to their videos, they won an MTV Europe award for "Remind Me" from their second album The Understanding.
The band's skills as producers have been utilized with remixes for Beck, Coldplay and Peter Gabriel and they were invited to do a compilation album for the Back To Mine series in 2006.)

Late Night Tales
( ;D --> Late Night Tales invites the world’s best artists to delve deep into their music collections to create the ultimate "late night” selection. The series features expertly curated mixes by MGMT, Friendly Fires, The Flaming Lips, Metronomy, Groove Armada, The Cinematic Orchestra, Four Tet, Belle & Sebastian, Jamiroquai, Midlake, Arctic Monkeys and more top artists. Each offering includes an exclusive cover version by the artist and a spoken word story narrated by the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Self, Bootsy Collins, Brian Blessed and Patrick Moore. Late Night Tales: music and stories worth staying up for.)
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Mark Pritchard
( ;D --> Mark Pritchard has previously recorded under many guises - including Africa Hi-Tech, Harmonic 313, and Harmonic 33, to name a few.  As one half of Global Communication and Jedi Knights, Mark Pritchard has released some of the most important records of the early nineties, and his work continues to influence younger musicians today.)
( ;D --> This release marks the start of all his production styles coming together under one name. The EP demonstrates Pritchard’s expansive work and will be available as a 12” wrapped in a special obi-strip.)
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Raymond Watts (PIG)
( ;D --> Raymond Watts(PIG) inhabits a genre of one. How to begin to describe it? We can start with KMFDM, since the unforgettable Englishman behind it – Raymond Watts – was a founder member. Once you have a certain combination of hard rock, soulful electro-pop and funk in your head, you can introduce Foetus: big band, blues and classical samples pounded into place by some behemoth of machinery – but PIG zigs where Foetus zags. JG Thirlwell was a frequent collaborator and shaper of the early sound; he appears on ‘Peoria‘ and ‘Sick City‘ and produced the first couple of albums. Accordingly, Watts took a brief turn in the Foetus live band, and contributed to the first two Steroid Maximus albums.)
Reality Machine
( ;D --> Schaft was a Japanese musical side project whose main members were Maki Fuji of Soft Ballet and Hisashi Imai of Buck-Tick. Schaft can be thought of as being a supergroup in that Maki and Imai formed the core of the group and a rotating roster of collaborators, who are well-known within their genres, were brought in to work on various songs. Raymond Watts of PIG was Schaft's most recurring collaborator, having contributed to half the songs on their debut album and toured with the band. Maki Fujii (Soft Ballet) and Hisashi Imai (Buck-Tick) originally conceived Schaft as a one-off monikor for a song. The track was for a 1991 Japanese compilation titled "Dance 2 Noise 001". After a few sporadic live dates, they decided to bring Raymond Watts (Pig, KMFDM) into the line-up and record a full album. Collaborations with Autechre, Coil, Meat Beat Manifesto and others brought a cult following to the project. 1994 was their only full year of activity. However in 2001, Schwein surfaced as a somewhat unofficial continuation of Schaft.)
Olive (mixed by Coil) from the 1994 album Switchblade
Praise the Lard

( ;D --> Initially conceived as an outlet for a collective of like-minded artists from the rural outskirts of Manchester, Akkord have already achieved more than the sum of their parts. Having self-released two long sold out records and with their ‘Surge’ track gracing the first ever 12” from the label arm of the incredibly well respected Electronic Explorations; they’ve achieved something of a cult following completely on the merits of their output. Bringing together their collected musical experience, ?kkord channel a sound that’s a hybrid of the electronic musics its members were raised on and their four track debut EP for Houndstooth is a further distillation of their passions for sonic minimalism and sound design.)

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