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Friday, August 16, 2013

Flavor of the Week #34

( ;D --> In the late 1970s and early 1980s, electronic music and several of its subgenres became a preferred musical style among European underground culture. It gained favor initially within major cities and eventually trickled into the continent's more socially secluded regions. This new wave of music was discovered at different instances by a group of friends living among the shadows of Helsingborg, a scenic municipality in western Sweden. philosophy, and matters of existence, were enthralled by the unique presentation and the emotional content offered through the music, specifically by that of bands such as Kraftwerk, The Human League, Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb.)
Leaving Babylon!
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Owl Vision
( ;D --> Owl Vision is the project of Gothenburg, Sweden's Johannes Arnesson who creates dark, powerful melodies and basslines. What started as experimenting and sampling records to produce hip hop beats soon grew into what he calls, "Death Electro".)
Holy Shit
Holy Shit

( ;D --> Bone-crunching beats, apocalyptical electro hymns and very energetic live appearances… hailing from Germanys real industrial heartland, the former coal and steel centers of the Ruhr area.)
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New Look
( ;D --> New Look is a Synth Pop music duo formed by singer/model Sarah Ruba and her husband Adam Pavao.)
New Look
Drive you home

( ;D --> Julian really is a multi-man when it comes to art. He is a professional composer, photographer, sound engineer as well as a highly talented graphic & web designer. Multiman brings an unique symbiosis of analogue machines from the past, digital tools from the present and home built devices from the future. Focused on breaking boundaries.)
Valle Tropical [Olé]
Valle Tropical [Olé]

Over And Out

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