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Friday, February 07, 2014

Flavor of the Week #6

( ;D --> Mondkopf is a French artist with a German name, which is fitting, given how often his productions play in a middle ground between those two countries' archetypal modes of electronic music. Looked at a certain way, Rising Doom, the 24-year old's latest full-length and first for Fool House, the label imprint of French fashion/mp3 blog Fluokids, borrows the machine muscle of harsh Teutonic techno and leavens it with just a bit of the joviality and melody of French touch.)
( ;D --> Parisian Paul Régimbeau aka Monkopf returns with another atmospheric LP on his In Paradisum imprint. Hades continues his transition from relatively floor-friendly tech to a much darker, doom-inspired sound. Much of the music here is built around slow, sludgy black-metal riffs and embellished with gothic-inspired touches like organ, choir and trumpet. ‘Here Come The Whispers’ even offers a moment of outright beauty halfway through, when bleak chants fade into melodic strings. For those who fancy bloody, booming Blackest Ever Black-style tracks, there’s bruiser ‘Eternal Dust’, and the club ready one-two of ‘Cause & Cure’ and ‘Immolate’.)
Ave Maria
Mondkopf – Ave Maria (Hello Kurt Remix) [Bonus Track]
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Omberman Knocks
( ;D --> Oberman Knocks is London-based, electronic producer Nigel Truswell. With no interest in tech-talk, the latest plug-ins or trends, his tracks are all about the creation and manipulation of sounds for the pure pleasure of the production itself. Spurning sterile accuracy and clinically happy tunes for sounds that bring back some of the dirt and darkness that has been swept away of late, these are tracks happy to inhabit the dark corridors of the mind through to large expanses of concrete space waiting to be filled.
Dilankex EP (Aperture)
EPM Podcast #44 | Oberman Knocks

I Awake
( ;D --> Neo ambient producer Thomas Huttenlocher crafts his way through astral soundscapes and parallell lives, blending styles and flavors in search of the very moment. His music often combines celestial emotions, tribal rhythms and an ever present sense of adventure.)
( ;D --> Following his debut album The Core, Swedish composer Thomas Huttenlocher re-enters his alias I Awake and sets his sound on its next journey with Tierra, a new three track EP which marks the first step in a series of releases to come in 2014. The artist brings out refined Downtempo grooves infused with layers ethereal atmospheres and electronic instrumentations to create his ode to the living pearl we have come to call home.)
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Andy Clark
( --> British Electro producer based in Sheffield.)
Initial Transmission

Monica Richards
( ;D --> Monica Richards is an uncompromising Artist in the broadest sense of the word: singer, songwriter, composer, illustrator and writer. Considered as a nonconformist by independent critics, Monica Richards surpasses current fad and fancy, expressing instead her personal truths and life's path through her music and art that reaches fans throughout the world. In over twenty years as a front woman in Underground music, Monica Richards has a well-deserved reputation of the highest respect for her powerful voice and theatrical stage presence.)

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