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Friday, January 31, 2014

Flavor of the Week #5

Boris Divider
( ;D --> Well known for the Electro side, since late nineties Boris Divider is producing electronic music under several names and alias, always in touch with the darker minimal and progressive electronics. He also got influences on the one hand from the first ebm waves, industrial/dark electronic scene and on the other hand from the old school electro and hiphop movement that appeared on the streets of his Madrid city in the early nineties. Cult bands such as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, YMO, Vangelis... or SciFi film composers like John Carpenter, Brad Fiedel or David Chronenberg.)
Deflector | Atractor
Automatischer Austausch (with copy control noise)
Deflector (with copy control noise)
Live at Coppelia
( ;D --> Mastered by Alek Stark at Fundamental Audio.)
"Deflector" Official Video
Sougon - Ippon (boris divider remix)
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Die Antword
( ;D --> Formed in Cape Town, South Africa during Spring 2009, Die Antwoord is an afrikaans futuristic rap crew consisting of Ninja (Watkin Tudor "Waddy" Jones of MaxNormal.TV) and Yo-Landi Vi$$er. DJ Hi-Tek keeps the beats nice and dirty. The majority of their debut album, $O$, was released for free on the Internet in 2009 - Ninja also handed out free albums with hand-drawn artwork at live shows called $O$: Burnt By the Master. As of Q4 2009, the band were 'officially' set to be working with Magnetron Music and were due to release a very special, limited-edition package for 2010 featuring the album, a DVD and a book. Die Antwoord's $O$ Album/DVD/Book package had a European release pending (featuring photography by Roger Ballen. But, it is impossible to buy their music anywhere, it seems...)
Donker Mag (Feb)
"Cookie Thumper" (Official Video)
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Distant Visions/Dmitry Distant
Le Dérivé De L’Amour EP (limited tape)
System Control (Ekman Remix)
( ;D --> The clash of two greater artists is the clash of minimal synth and dark electro. This time, there is no room for an original track, but room for a remix. Two artists that have gained control, two artists that have some thing in common, and some things that are uncommon. As the lavishly created spasmic rhythms that follow a trail emblazoned by the most minimalistic of synth you’d ever lay your hands upon, but at the same time delivering the chaotic atmosphere of electro. Yes, electro was infused in the original version of “System Control“, but it’s even more infused with Ekman‘s style of electro, which has a muddy layer of atmospheric delight – to infect your senses with. There may be similarities between the two, but they’re in no way so similar that it wouldn’t make any difference if he (Ekman) lent a hand to the production. No, he has not produced the track itself, but his analogue remixing has been a similarity to be reckoned with.)
( ;D --> Beläten deals in synthetic and acoustic musick, transgressive and retrogarde Art and the search for the inner sun. Post avantgarde pop for a pre-apocalyptic world.)

( ;D --> Experimental Electronica, Ambient, Glitch, Industrial, IDM, Techno.)

( ;D --> TEARIST is a movement.
 verb \'ter\
 1. to separate parts by force
 2. to divide or disrupt by the pull of contrary forces
 3. to create by pulling apart
 noun suffix
 1. one that performs a (specified) action : one that makes or produces a (specified) thing
 2. one that specializes in a (specified) art or science or skill
 3. one that adheres to or advocates a (specified) doctrine or system or code of behavior .)

Purple Video

Ad Inferna
( ;D --> Consisting of members VoA VoXyD. and V.V. Arkames, AD INFERNA is passionate, violent, sexual and addictive. Ad Inferna gives a musical experience in a realm that no other band has ever dared to enter. The debut album "L'Empire des Sens" was released in 2001. In 2009 they released the acclaimed album "Trance:N:Dance", which features 12 tracks including remixes from bands such as Reaper, Soman, Combichrist and Beborn Beton.)
im mortelle

Over And Out

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