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Friday, September 12, 2014

Flavor of the Week #37

( ;D --> Arca (born Alejandro Ghersi, in Caracas, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan producer, consultant, mixing engineer and DJ based in Brooklyn, New York.)
Xen (release date November 3rd.)
( ;D --> "Breakbeat" is one of those words that often comes prepackaged with a specific adjective: dusty. Whether we're talking about the excavated grooves of early hip hop or the beat science of drum & bass, breakbeats have usually been sourced from vinyl—old funk recordings—and fed through early, bit-gnashing samplers, and so they come with the attendant qualities of grimey old things. The breakbeat that anchors "Thievery", the first track to emerge from Venezuelan producer Arca's anticipated album Xen, is not dusty. It is slow, heavy chrome, the kind of breakbeat Michael Bay might erect if he needed a backbone for quivering synth knots and alien half-utterances. And that's what's striking about "Thievery": the contrast between its radical sonics and its widescreen ambition. Like an air show, there are uncomfortable bursts of noise, sharp nose-dives, and plenty of space-age technology deployed in the service of generating oohs and aahs. When Arca finishes untangling those glassy synthesizer whorls, the song is carried out by a simple, staccato piano melody. It's a tease of simplicity after minutes of chaos, a nice reminder that Arca's just arranging tones and melodies like everyone else, something that "Thievery"'s explosions can make you forget.)

L’Âme Immortelle
( ;D --> L’âme Immortelle (French: the immortal soul) is an Austrian band that produces darkwave, and more recently also industrial metal. Many of L’âme Immortelle’s songs feature melancholy or lovelorn lyrics in German or English, and juxtaposed harsh male and emotional female vocals. Current work has moved away from the band’s electronic roots into the neue deutsche härte (New German hardness) genre. L’âme Immortelle was formed in 1996 in Vienna, Austria by friends Thomas Rainer (Nachtmahr) and Hannes Medwenitsch.)
Drahtseilakt (release date Nov 3rd)
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Vladislav Delay
( ;D --> Vladislav Delay, Uusitalo, Luomo, Conoco, Sistol. Under a raft of different names this Finnish artist (Sasu Ripatti *1976) has experimented with ambient, broken beat, glitch as well as grooves and house music with soulful vocals. In addition he has collaborated with and worked for a wide range of artists ranging from Scissor Sisters and Craig Armstrong to AGF, Black Dice, Massive Attack, Towa Tei and Ryuichi Sakamoto. While his side-projects and remixes are there to flirt with more stable rhythms and dancefloor institutions, his main love as well as his background is in experimenting with different kind of sounds and rhythms; a quest to find some music not heard yet. The soundtrack of Vladislav Delay. His forte is the rhythm, even if so subtle at times. In fact, he may as well be classified as a “percussionist” (actually he is originally a drummer) rather than an electronic musician despite the fact that that is how he mostly generates his sound and music, because it is the beat and its possibilities which lie closest to his heart, which further serves to explain why he has experimented with it from so many different musical angles.)
Visa (release date Nov 10th.)
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tau sagittarii
( ;D --> Tuck your crew in for the long sleep. Time bends as you drift through the vast distances of deep space. Leave behind our spec of sand and float into the ocean of stars.)
drift (field-1)

( ;D > Stephen Hummel has been releasing experimental electronic music as subtractiveLAD since 2005. In 2012, Stephen also began releasing songs under his own name.)

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