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Friday, July 24, 2015

Flavor of the Week #30

( ;D --> Scuba, aka Paul Rose, has been at the forefront of the dubstep scene since its birth. Having founded the innovative and influential Hotflush Recordings label in 2003, he has continually brought colour and depth to an advancing genre, expanding its sonic structure and increasing its influence on the wider electronic scene. Through Scuba and seminal work by central figures including Distance, Vex d and more recently Mount Kimbie and Joy Orbison, Hotflush remains crucial to the immediate moment and the developing future of the most exciting aspects of electronic music.)
Black On Black
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Orange Sector
( ;D --> EBM has just been reanimated by this former Zoth Ommog recording artist. Orange Sector, hailing from Hannover, Germany, is back! This is pure, old-school EBM and power basslines in the vein of NITZER EBB and DAF. This is what true EBM is all about.)
Night Terrors
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Escaped Trees
( ;D --> Industrial, IDM, Ambient, Dark Techno, Martial.)
Approach To The Snow Queen

The Fear Ratio
( ;D --> The Fear Ratio (AKA James Ruskin & Mark Broom) deliver a mix of twisted electronic genius. Featuring the likes of Squarepusher, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Shed, Balil, Robert Hood, Gang Starr, Lorn, Gescom, The Bug.)
( ;D --> Skam Records inaugurate their Kasm imprint with a three-tracker of tough techno mutations from UK techno legends James Ruskin and Mark Broom's collaborative project The Fear Ratio. Last seen on Ruskin's Blueprint label a few years back with two 12"s and an LP that twisted the industrial Birmingham-via-Detroit-rooted sound both producers have made their names with but in keeping with a great British lineage of experimental electronics unleashed upon the world by labels such as Skam it's a no brainer that the duo's return is on the legendary Mancunian imprint. Starting off the EP on a roll with the clenched-fist bare-bones techno grind of 'FRT3' a strong kick breaks its way through the digital mist while ghosted synths drift around the edges just out of reach.)

( ;D --> machine music, from Bordeaux, France.)
Forme noire
The day they tried to kill me

Over And Out

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