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Friday, July 31, 2015

Flavor of the Week #31

( ;D --> Architect is a project of Daniel Myer. For years he has made a name for himself in the modern electronic music scene but the most outstanding of daniel myer's (countless) projects is architect. three years after lower lip interface hymen records presents the long awaited fifth album: consume adapt create. the difference between the true creative artist and the impersonator is the way they deal with influences. myer's inspirations range from drum and bass wizards enduser and current value up to breakcore warlords venetian snares and otto von schirach - but it is unmistakably architect you hear in every note of each track. consume adapt create: a unique blend of atmospheric idm, cinematic samples, powerfully distorted sequences, ramming electro grooves, razor-sharp breakbeats, and haunting ambiance. music to move the dancefloor while still creating enough depth and texture for heavy listening through your headphones.)
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Landside (Hunter/Game)
( ;D --> Landside is an Elecronic Music Project between the Italian producers Hunter/Game and the Icelandic band Kúra. The sound comes from a deep vibe and melanchonic ambients (The Silence). It evolves thanks to Kúraʼs Electronic and Dub mood, to an intense rhythm flow (The Storm). While keeping groove as its main element, coming from Techno and House Roots of Hunter/Game Background. Fanney Osk Vocals comes as a clear warm breath in a cold mountain breeze, creating vibrating weaves, intruducing sinths and melodies leads that breaks spaces as an intense storm.)
Utopia (Hunter/Game)

Alice Glass
( ;D --> Alice Glass is a Canadian singer best known as the former vocalist of electronic band Crystal Castles. Alice Glass was born in 1988 in Toronto, Ontario. Her birth name is rumored to be Margaret Osborne. At the age of fourteen she ran away from home to live in a squat community of punks under the name Vicki Vale (named for the comic book character) and started an all-girl crust-noise band called Fetus Fatale. Though she continued going to school, she dropped out before graduating. Ethan Kath, impressed by Glass's performance with the band, gave her CD-Rs with 60 instrumental tracks of which she chose to write vocals for. In 2008, before the band's interview with Now Magazine, Glass disappeared and neither Ethan nor the band's manager could contact her. Crystal Castles was infamously shut down at Glastonbury 2008 after Glass climbed a speaker stand just before "Alice Practice" and was swallowed by the crowd during "Yes No".)

H ø R D
( ;D --> Darkwave / Synthwave from Bordeaux .)
A Sudden Cold (Winter Severity Index remix)
Romance Moderne Ep

Faceless Mind
( ;D --> Faceless Mind is the project of Johan inkinen & Luke Eargoggle. Basically its about experiment and alot of red wine. We have a sound that we dont want to challenge to much but still go deeper in what we do and discover on during the path. On this album its tracks from the last two years even if most of them are made pretty recent. We are really happy to release it on Fundamental Records. All tracks mastered by Alek Stark.)
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Over And Out

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