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Friday, October 23, 2015

Flavor of the Week #43

Jean-Michel Jarre
( ;D --> "Jean-Michel Jarre is the godfather of electronic music. His albums - his classic debut Oxygene among them – have changed the way we hear the world today. Musicians and contemporary DJs refer to his influence and innovation, both in the studio and in terms of the immersive outdoor concert experiences he has engineered... ")
Electronica Behind the Scenes
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John Carpenter
( ;D --> John Howard Carpenter (born January 16, 1948) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, editor and composer. Although Carpenter has worked in numerous film genres, he is most commonly associated with horror and science fiction films from the 1970s and 1980s.)
Lost Themes Remixed 
( ;D --> Lost Themes, John Carpenter’s debut album of original material, gets remixed by eight contemporary electronic musicians at the top of their game. Dominic Fernow of Prurient does a minimalist rework of ‘Purgatory’, while Zola Jesus teams up with “Big” Dean Hurley (engineer to David Lynch) for a lo-fi pop reimagining of ‘Night’. ohGr of industrial music pioneers Skinny Puppy takes ‘Wraith’ into glitchy IDM territory, while PAN label boss Bill Kouligas completely deconstructs the source material on his mix of ‘Fallen’. Silent Servant, Fuck Buttons member Blanck Mass, and revolutionary composer/producer J.G. Thirlwell all make further appearances. Several of these remixes appeared on the digital deluxe edition of Lost Themes, but this release marks the first time they have been made available on vinyl.) 

( ;D --> Arca (born Alejandro Ghersi, in Caracas, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan producer, consultant, mixing engineer and DJ based in Brooklyn, New York.)
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( ;D --> The italian band Synapsyche was born in the late 2008 by the will of Stefano “Mannequinetik”, mastermind and only composer, with the intent to create an electro-industrial project with dark and aggrotech features, a bit lacking in their own motherland.
To start the band up, he simply needed to integrate a singer, expert for both clean and harsh vocals, and able to manage lyrics, vocal lines and rhythmics: the choice falls on Marco “Katatronik” Mantovani, performer with a 10-years experience as singer, both melodic in an italian rock band (Zona Traffico Libero) and screaming-growling in a melodic death metal band (Ultima Necat).)


Tobias Lilja
( ;D --> Tobias Lilja is a Swedish electronic experimental artist that has been active since 2001. Mainly within the fields of electronica, ambient and techno but he isn’t afraid to explore and incorporate other genres as well. His work is characterized by the attention to the sound design and the use of his own voice. Tobias also does sound and music for video games, television, films and art projects.)
There Is No Other (Degenesis trailer mix)
Medicine Sings Triptych
Degenesis - Sacrifice Everything Trailer

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