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Friday, January 15, 2016

Flavor of the Week #2

( ;D --> At the forefront of a new generation of hiphop-leaning electronica producers, Lorn comes branded with the Flying Lotus seal of approval. Lorn, dropping the dynamic hiphop electronica with impressively powerful synth arpeggiations between scuttling drums and digital strings, benefitting from a mastering job by Chris Clark, with slow and grinding hiphop rhythms rubbed with basalt horror synths and advanced digital processing. fans of everything from NIN to Gaslamp Killer should check.)
See also:

The Church of Synth
( ;D --> Hystrionic Dark Pop.)
The Church of Synth
Der Fall Von Leviathan (Burial Hex Deathcall Remix)

( ;D --> industrial metall from Los Angeles, Members: ΔLΞX1S, XΔV1ΞR, ΔИDRΞW & CHΔSΞ.)

Rico Hüllermeier
( ;D --> Music-Production, Audio-Production,Songwriting, Remixing & a Member and Producer of "Avoid-A-Void" and "Silvery".)
In Mitra Medusa Inri - Nordlichter
Pride And Fall - Turn The Lights On

( ;D --> A long-awaited debut album by Russia-based young girl-artist Ishome."Confession" - that's the name, post-everything-tronic - that's the style. She cuts, slices, play, programs and mixes it all together by herself making a soothing mixture of complex broken beats, ambient atmos, quirky pop vocals and ground moving grooves. Mirabella Ishome Kiryanova lives here and there from time to time - from South Bounds to Siberia. Being pretty young she's already done a huge job - released on Proton Music US, won a national contest by Russia's one of the biggest web-zines Look At Me "10 Top Young Producers", played on Stereoleto SPb and EXIT fests, was remixed by D/R/U/G/S an many-many more.)

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