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Friday, January 01, 2016

Flavor of the Week #53

Hunter // Game
( ;D --> Hunter/Game project was born thanks to the artistic inspiration of two Italian producers based between Milan and New York. They perform secrets loft parties, in which they are able to express their unique sound. In addition they are also founders of the well known party called “Just This” The sound comes from a deep groove and it evolves thanks to electronic and pop influences, while keeping techno inspiration as its main element.)
Speicher 87
Adaptation/The Path *NEW ALBUM "ADAPTATION" OUT FEBRUARY 5, 2016
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Yen Pox
( ;D --> Arriving on the scene in 1993 with their self-titled demo, Yen Pox immediately made their presence known with an ability to create monumental, light devouring soundscapes that transcended all that had come before it. Proceeding releases, including their debut CD, Blood Music, 2000’s New Dark Age, and the collaborative CD with Troum only solidified their standing and reputation. With Between the Horizon and the Abyss just being their first full length recording in over 15 years, Yen Pox will never be accused of being prolific. After all, with the two members spread out between Indiana and Washington State, creating new material doesn't exactly lend itself to convenience. But on the rare occasion that recordings do arise, it’s nothing short of masterful, reminding listeners why they've achieved such notoriety with such a limited discography, and why their recordings are consistently recognized as benchmarks within the dark ambient genre.)
Between the Horizon and the Abyss

( ;D --> Pedro Pimentel returns to Cryo Chamber with his second album on the label, Self Destruction Themes. This time with help from Amund Ulvestads beautiful cello performances, Simon Heaths textural piano work and Apocryphos atmospheric distortion layers. This is a massive album of cold but inviting atmospheres, filtered noise, acoustic layering and sweeping textural layers. The sad theme throughout the album paints images of a world depopulated and of overgrown and dilapidated cityscapes.)
Self Destruction Themes

( ;D --> Underworld are an electronic band formed in the UK by Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, later joined by Darren Emerson. The band rose to prominence when their track "Born Slippy" was used in the film Trainspotting.)
Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future
Shining Future Part 1
( ;D --> Underworld’s first new studio album in 6 years, Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future, now available to pre-order ahead of release on 18th March 2016.)
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( ;D --> Mahr; Dark ambient layers. Ethereal experimental drone. Electronica. MAHR creates psychological journeys without structured rules pushing creativity as far as possible born out of raw emotion. Wikan; With successful roots in many genres, WIK▲N’s rich musical heritage has found a natural, stone built home entrenched in ritual and knowledge of ancient times.)
Beyond the Dark Mirror
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Happy 2016
Over And Out

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