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Friday, February 05, 2016

Flavor of the Week #5

( ;D --> Bloodwave for the new wave from New York. Electronic Horror Soundtracks To Psychic Photography.)
( ;D --> 'We have about 17 tracks written so far and are happy with how this album is progressing. Here is another unfinished track which is currently named Jupiter Test, streaming for three days.'.)
Earthshine + Impervious
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( ;D --> Electro band .."producing gloriously noisy, imaginative and fun machine rock…"
"Yet it all sounds very futuristic. Instead of avant-garde, one is tempted to call it après-garde (or post-garde). I suppose that’s not actually a thing, but, then again, maybe they’ve just created it here.""This is simply visceral stuff, amongst the most exciting, devastating,coruscating material the genre has puked up thus far…"
"comes on like the bastard child of Einstuerzende Neubauten and Atari Teenage Riot, perfecting the mix of cold techno beats and furious glam-punkguitars.)

Low passion (electrosexual-remix)
The Friendly Expectations of the Stars
Dmitry Distant & Lectromagnetique (Split EP)
( ;D --> Lectromagnetique – independent synthetic electro project based somewhere in Ukraine, created in 2014 by one unknown producer. The primary objective of this project is a transmission of different emotions to end-user. Following on from the resounding success of his debut EP ‘She Has No Body’ (charted and played frequently by Dave Clarke and also Juno's Juno recommends Electro chart) the mysterious Ukrainian sonic scientist Lectromagnetique is back. Continuing and somehow adding to the glitchy, dark, grinding electro machine funk 'She Has No Body' revealed; this is a full length album demonstrating intelligent sound design without losing touch with his mission to prompt movement and emotion in the listener. It’s a sonic journey, everyone will recognise the key landmarks along the way, and everyone will find something personal and meaningful in the space and particles floating in between.)
Dmitry Distant
( ;D --> From hard techno to oldschool electro techno, throught Electro banging techno.)
Split EP
( ;D --> Continuing Bass Agenda’s mission to highlight the gems hidden away in the underground enclaves of Electro and Techno the label releases its 4th vinyl. Russian Dmitry Distant and Ukrainian Lectromagnetique take a side of the red marbled vinyl disc each; both artists that have made more than a blip on Dave Clarke’s radar over the last couple of years.)
Dmitry Distant:
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Reinier Zonneveld
( ;D --> Reinier Zonneveld, known as a live-act as well as a DJ and producer from the Netherlands, is ready to take over the world with his unique view on the genre Techno. He is currently signed on labels like Stil vor Talent, Minus, Tronic, Traum Schallplatten, MBF, Trapez and Deeperfect. Zonneveld is just as comfortable with producing electronic music as with composing classical music. These orchestral skills shine through in his productions. With this very versatile and talented aspect of producing music, he doesn’t get stuck in boundaries of one specific genre. From Ambient to melodic Techno and from Minimal to warehouse pounding Techno.)
( ;D --> Dutch producer and DJ Reinier Zonneveld is racking up accolades about as fast as new fans are losing their shit to his far reaching beats. Having already released on Richie Hawtin’s Minus label and the ever-influential Traum Schalplatten, Zonneveld’s latest, an EP titled Rushchamber, is out on the increasingly important Stil Vor Talent, an imprint run by tastemaker Oliver Koletzki.)
Rushchamber EP
SiJ & Textere Oris
( ;D --> SiJ - a project based March 27th 2011 by Vladislav Sikach. In sound which incorporated a variety of industrial themes expressed in the darkest colors, mainly Dark Ambient.)
Reflections under the sky

Over And Out

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