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Friday, February 12, 2016

Flavor of the Week #6

( ;D --> machine music, from Bordeaux, France.)
Thysia remix
Aurore - H Ø R D remix
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Gnothi Seauton
( ;D --> Witch House, Chillwave, Ambient, Future.)
You Can Feel
Imitation To Sincerity
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Mark Van Hoen (Locust)
( ;D --> Mark Van Hoen is an electronic music composer since 1981, releasing records from 1992 on labels such as R&S/Apollo, Touch, CCO & eMego. Mark Van Hoen is from England and currently lives in Los Angeles USA where he hosts a regular show on Dublab.)
Sketch for Winter V
Don't Look Back

( ;D --> old school EBM heroes "Agrezzior" coming all the way from EBM land sweden! Be prepared for pumping beats, catchy melodies and harsh basslines! Music to make you dance.)

Fatal Casualties
( ;D --> Two childhood friends, Stefan Ljungdahl & Ivan Hirvonen, 6-8 years old, where playing at their playground around Alphyddan in Nacka (a suburb to Stockholm, Sweden). The year was 1979. What they didn´t know then, that these 2 youngsters was going to release Fatal Casualties debut ep "Paria", about 30 years later.)

Over And Out

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