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Friday, March 25, 2016

Flavor of the Week #12

( ;D --> As music is research, Pisetzky loves to get deep into bass lines of different sound dimensions. His style is always powerful and melancholic, moving hearts and minds into multi layered soundscapes. With background as Sound Designer for the Fashion industry, he started the Pisetzky project in the end of 2014 and proved his musical research and talent in the main worldwide events: La Plaza of Poble Espanyol during the Off Sonar week, Culture Box in Copenaghen, Innervisions Night in Venice, ADE (Holland), Barrakud Festival (Croatia & Greece), Amore Festival (Rome), BPM Festival (Mexico), Zur Wilden Renate (Berlin), he also entered in the summer lineup of Cocoon in Spain and became the resident of Social Music City.)
Elevation EP
Hide [Just This 007]

( ;D --> The sideproject THYX released their debut single "Into the Realm". It seems that Stefan Poiss, the mastermind behind, was getting bored in his studio because now there is a second electronic music project out there penned by him. Big arrangement, sci-fi atmosphere and a very unique sound were the trademarks by and made them famous in the Gothic/Electro scene. The sideproject THYX, which was founded by Stefan Poiss in January this year, stays very electronic but gives the sound a more experimental touch without loosing the catchy tunes and atmosphere.)
Electronic sounds, bombastic arrangements, melodies and voices, mixed with emotions from another dimension. Atmospheres from cyberspace, a musical image from a far-away future from which THYX speaks to us and carries its sound cosmos directly into the brains of listeners.)

Headless (pre-listening teaser)
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( ;D --> IAMX is the solo musical project of Chris Corner. The lyrics are primarily concerned with subjects such as sex, death, narcotic intoxication, bisexuality, decadence, religion, alienation and allusions to politics. Corner currently lives in Berlin, where he has found "the spirit to care less about the music industry and take an independent route.")
North Star
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Snow Ghosts
( ;D -- Sharing a mutual influence of the shadowy elements of folklore and the heavier side of experimental noise, a disparate array of reference points combines to form Snow Ghosts’ bewitching and oft intoxicating sound. Ross Tones (aka Throwing Snow), Hannah Cartwright (Augustus Ghost) and Oliver Knowles (EXES) join forces to pool their individual inspirations, ideas and styles to form Snow Ghosts.)
A Wrecking

( ;D --> Sophia is a martial industrial act from Sweden. The band is the brainchild of Peter Bjärgö (born Peter Pettersson), also of Arcana. Using martial and heavy industrial rhythms, choral sections, neoclassical orcestration and dark ambient soundscapes, Sophia crafts a dark and oppressive soundscape of nihilism, bitterness and sorrow. Sophia was first started in 1998 when Peter Bjärgö recorded plenty of songs as a side project to Arcana. Those songs were unfortunately destroyed and the thought of a harscher side project blossomed again in 2000. The first album was recorded with the intention of making songs for a live performance. Together with Per Åhlund, Peter Bjärgö performed a few live shows and in 2001 the first release came out, entitled "Aus Der Welt". In 2001 Ia Bjärgö, Peter's wife, joined the band and the jounrey moved on. With the albums "Herbstwerk", "Seduction of Madness", "Death,Dumb and Blind" along with" Spite", Sophia became one of the most well known and recognized underground industrial bands in the world. When Ia Bjärgö 2retired" from Sophia, Stefan Eriksson entered as a new co-worker to Peter. After the release of "Deconstruction of the World", which he also made together with Stefan Eriksson, Sophia was put torest for many years. It wasn't until 2010 when Peter joined forces again together with ia Bjärgö and Per Åhlund again.
"Unclean" CD/LP/CS (84th Cycle)
( ;D --> New opus fom Sweden’s Industrial Ambient project from Peter Bjärgö (Arcana). Bringing together some of the original collaborators which were featured on earlier albums, Per Ählund, Stefan Eriksson and Ia Bjärgö, “Unclean” is again an outstanding piece of sonic force. Pounding percussions, commanding vocal parts and expanding ambient passages all merge to give us and absorbing, diverse and forward thinking journey. “Unclean” is an excursion into the folly of man’s self destructive tendencies, with a slight hope of a possible awakening before the last gasp is taken.)

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