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Friday, March 04, 2016

Flavor of the Week #9

Franck Kartell
( ;D --> Franck Kartell is a mad scientist of sound. In his laboratory, he tries to find frequencies allowing him to control people's mind. Franck is surrounded discovering the house music in 1986, five years later he spent his first payment in the purchase of a synth. At that time he started to buy hardware equipment. His music is based in purely analogical gear giving him a special warm feature in sound and concept. Franck´s live approach different schemes in production, composition and performing plus the support of visual media interaction passing through several stages of sound experimentation to dynamic and advanced works in synthesis and FX process dimension. The passion for the vintage, the robotic, the sic fi and lot of concepts in futurism, shows that Franck Kartell is making an important contribution to the current serious electronics taking elements from the past years.)
The Thinking Machines
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( ;D --> Psy'Aviah is an Industrial rock / Electroclash / Dark EBM band from Antwerp, Belgium. The band took form in 2004 and was mainly focused on playing live. Later that year they won the Studio Brussel Demopoll with The Future Of The Sun. In 2007 they teamed up with Len Lemeire (from Implant/32Crash fame) to record their first album Creationism. 2008 saw the signing to the Alfa Matrix record label and the release of a new album, featurings and remixes. 2010 brings the third album of Psy'Aviah entitled Eclectric, produced by band member Yves Schelpe and mastered by Geert de Wilde of IC 434 in Antwerp. Their third album brings again a mix of electric eclecticism, varying between styles always with a hint of darkness. This time they have invited some more guests such as Jean-Luc De Meyer of Front 242 fame to sing on the track Ophélie, and Jennifer Parkin of Ayria who guests on the track Into The Game.)
Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars
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( ;D --> Govinda fuses beautifully spooky melodies inspired from across the planet with sexy beats and crunchy, ambient atmosphere. Govinda has played with Thievery Corporation, DJ Spooky and Cheb I Sabbah and been featured in compilations such as Buddha Bar II, Asian Travels II, and Nirvana Lounge.)
“Waters Balanced” (Original Mix)
( ;D --> Austin’s Shane Madden, better known as his stage name Govinda, is a purveyor of plush, viscous glitch hop, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere of the final track in his forthcoming eight-item Decadence LP.)
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Nouvelle Culture
( ;D -->  Electropop/New-Wave/Electronica from Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France.)
I feel you" (It's winter again) feat. SARA NOXX (demo version).
Fading Pictures

3six / 36
( ;D --> 36 (pronounced three-six) is the ambient / experimental project of Dennis Huddleston from the United Kingdom.)
Void Dance
James S Levine - Nip Tuck (36 Edit)
( ;D --> I'm a big fan of the TV show Nip/Tuck. There was a piece of ambient music made by the shows composer James S Levine, that featured in the more emotional scenes throughout the series. It never got an official release on any of the soundtracks, so I have edited and re-composed the track, trying to take as few personal liberties as possible, to recreate it. Obviously due to the nature of the source (aka direct from the DVD, with only about 50 seconds or so of material to work with) don't expect this to be 100% perfect, but as it stands, it's still quite a beautiful piece of music, that is perfect for looping anyway.)

Over And Out

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