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Friday, July 08, 2016

Flavor of the Week #27

( ;D --> Plaid is a British electronic music duo comprising Andy Turner and Ed Handley, and based out of London. They are former members of The Black Dog and used many other names, such as Atypic (Andrew Turner) and Balil (Ed Handley), before settling on Plaid. They have collaborated with female singers Mara Carlyle, Nicolette and Björk. Although Plaid pre-existed the association, the duo's Ed Handley and Andy Turner spent most of their early recording years with Ken Downie as the dancefloor-confounding Black Dog Productions. Meshing well with Downie's vision of heavily hybridized post-techno and obscurantist thematics.)
On Other Hands
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( ;D --> For more than two decades, De/Vision members Steffan Keth and Thomas Adam have been captivating fans of electronic pop music. Over this span of time, the band has released 10 albums, gone through lineup changes, experimented with styles, and written a slew of enduring pop classics.)
13 (Digisleeve Edition)
13 Album Teaser
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( ;D --> Brassica is music by UK producer Michael Anthony Wright. A lineage from Disco-Funk, experimental music, Progressive Rock, 70s & 80s synth music and the history of sound in cinema is evident, yet doesn't accurately describe his artistically individual and self-mentored sound.)
Nature Isn't Mute (Man Is Deaf: Deluxe Edition)
Hayat Zor -EP

( ;D --> VOGUE.NOIR is a one man project, Dominique Cologne. Previously playing in the Synth/Post Punk duo SATO SATO , Dominique kept the machine based approach to write music inspired by the Synth scene in the 80s. Using elements of Italo Disco, EBM, Minimal Synth and Synthpop , VOGUE.NOIR aims to convey a reflective, melancholic sound with the energy of Dance music.Music is an art- form, and its independence is essential in order to be able to offer up authentic artists, who operate from beyond the scope of any business propositions and sclerotic production lines. Unknown Pleasures Records is the answer to the lifelessness and mediocrity of the current music scene.)
Vogue.Noir (UPR 050) digital E​.​P
Berlin (feat. Tullia Benedicta)

Alek Drive
( ;D --> Alternative dark synthwave via Unknown Pleasures records, France.)
Frontière - Remixes [techno body music] (UPR 045) - digital single.)
ALEK DRIVE - liberation (COMMUTER remix
Frontière [dark techno]

Over And Out

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