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Friday, August 05, 2016

Flavor of the Week #31

( ;D --> The ambitious Swiss electronic duo Yello comprised vocalist/conceptualist Dieter Meier -- a millionaire industrialist, professional gambler, and member of Switzerland's national golf team -- and composer/arranger Boris Blank. Meier, a former solo artist who also spent time with the group Fresh Colour, began collaborating with Blank in 1979, and the duo bowed with the single "I.T. Splash." After signing with the Residents' label, Ralph Records, Yello issued their 1980 debut LP, Solid Pleasure, which spawned the dance hit "Bostitch.")
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Guy Gerber
( ;D --> Guy is certainly one of the hottest producers in the techno scene. Next to his promising production skills Guy Gerber is also a demanded live act with bookings in many countries that love his unique sound of bittersweet harmonies, natural mixture of strong and deep grooves and futuristic basslines.)
Secret Encounters EP
Secret Encounters
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( ;D --> Rogelio Serrano AKA Equinoxious has worked obsessively day and night using vintage synthesizers and drum rhythm clásicas.Inspirado artists like John Foxx, Martial Canterel and the early works of Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and artists the analog electronic music scene in the late seventies.)

( ;D --> Illektrolab has been missing in action for seven years. An electro machine, this Satamile alumni went rogue; ducking under the radar in 2007. Now found he’s ready to return to the front line. Four weapons make up Illahertz. Clipped beats break and reform, basslines bubble and bulge as computer funk is lanced by pared steel. Drums race in eerie future wastelands, fizzing static and samples circling before acid rains down. Future and past influences sharpened into dangerous electro blades by a prodigal son.)
Illahertz EP

( ;D --> While his days are spent working on sound design for Hollywood scores by Graeme Revell, sound designer Brian Williams records experimental ambience and dark space music as Lustmord. His recordings have been embraced by a variety of ambient fans, ranging from the '70s traditionalists at the Hearts of Space label to the ambient-techno experimentalists at Plug Research.)
Dark Matter Medley
( ;D -->Dark Matter is derived from an audio library of cosmological activity collected between 1993 and 2003. It was gathered from various sources including NASA (Cape Canaveral, Ames, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Arecibo), The Very Large Array, The National Radio Astronomy Observatory and various educational institutions and private contributors throughout the USA.)
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