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Friday, August 26, 2016

Flavor of the Week #34

Heinrich Mueller aka Dopplereffekt and Robert Witschakowski aka The Exaltics
Dopplereffekt & Drexciya
The Exaltics
( ;D --> After studying the people of earth for many years the Exaltics came to our planet in 2006 to transmit their message to the people. Here they created their own platform: "solaronemusic" for their final mission. Whilst being amongst us they built up connections with people that understood the exaltic mother tongue. Collaboration partners like Z-bop, Transient Force, Bunker and Last Known Trajectory are examples of home bases on earth.)
( ;D --> Project STS-31-Spiralgalaxie (Hubble Telescope Series Vol.3) A clash of the Titans! Celebrating Solar One Music's 40th release and 10th anniverary, this split LP sees two stars under various disguises, Heinrich Mueller (aka Der Zyklus and various other projects) and German producer Robert Witschakowski aka The Exaltics, back to back in a no return odyssey through the depths of the Galaxy. Expect nothing but contemplative and cosmic electro beats using original outer-space sounds from the Universe. Closing the Hubble telescope trilogy which brought to you Luxus Varta and more recently E.R.P. (respectively with the "Everything Is Nothing" and "Ancient Light" EP's), trippy "Spiralgalaxie" will mark a new step in SOM's History. As usual, the final chapter of the series dedicated solely to Hubble and all the great scientists and engineers at the NASA and ESA, comes with a beautiful cover print picture taken by the Space Telescope.)
Alek Stark - Halo 6 (Heinrich Mueller Remix) | 7000 TV
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The Exaltics

Holobeams ホロビームズ
( ;D --> Glasgow based producer Iain Foxwell is Holobeams, delivering beautiful synthwork, full of warmth and moisture, textured sounds, and a floaty almost magical soundscape.)Natsu Yume 夏夢
( ;D --&> With distant samples from the heart of Tokyo metropolis (The peace in Asakusa), walking the quiet backstreets as the sun beats down on your back accompanied the never ending back
ground hum of cicadas, to the distant call of warabi mochi trucks in Kasugai, Natsu Yume 夏夢 is my serene dream of the hot and humid summers of Japan.)

Realisatapeion Dawns
( ;D --> SignalShaper haper(Bert de Boer) produces electronic music for at least 30 years. This in addition to his life as a professional painting/drawing artist. (he studied Art)
When he heard "John Foxx Underpass" in the eighties he decided to play and compose electronic music.)

Mekon 1-6
Korg MS-20 & Nord Lead 2 & Spire | Mekon - 6 - remixed

Cold Showers
( ;D --> Cold Showers, a band formed in Highland Park, California in 2010, fuses the brash power of their shoegaze pedigree with the smokey compulsions of post-punk / no-wave ancestors. Cold Showers would fit in well amongst their idols on the Factory or early Rough Trade back catalog, but blend in perfectly amongst the unique foliage of the Dais Records roster. Cold Showers sophomore album out sees the band step up to the plate with more pop sensibility under their belt with the tracks of their new album “Matter of Choice”. This is the pervasive pop mode against which Cold Showers cast themselves, but haven’t fully relinquished themselves from their signature piston-precision rhythms and anthem laden synthesizer illuminations that came about within the band’s formation. After the band released singles on Mexican Summer and Art Fag, Cold Showers signed with Dais Records. In the late summer of 2012, Dais had released the band band’s debut album, Love and Regret, to a storm of industry praise and critical acclaim. After a few successful tours with bands such as The Soft Moon & Veronica Falls, Cold Showers members decided to take some time off to start crafting new songs in a more pop-oriented direction. These songs started to take demonstrational form in a handful of singles and live cassette releases on Dais until the band decided to hunker down in the studio to formalize the songs found on their new album, Matter of Choice, available August 28th, 2015.)
Drab Majesty "The Foyer" (Cold Showers Remix)
Matter of Choice
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( ;D --> Dark ambient, Martial industrial, neoclassical, darkwave from Athens.)

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