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Friday, December 30, 2016

Flavor of the Week #1

( ;D --> Morphology is a Finnish electro duo, the collaboration of Matti Turunen and Michael Diekmann. The pair has gained international popularity since 2009 with their dark, melodic and skillfully produced electro funk. Turunen and Diekmann have been musically influenced by Detroit techno, electro, electronica, vintage synths and drum machines. In addition to releasing two albums and several EPs and singles Morphology has filled the dance floors in the UK, Scotland, Denmark, Poland, Germany and The Czech Republic as well as the domestic ones. Known for their extremely skillful, soulfully emotional melodies the duo combines elements of techno such as acid and vibrant drums to traditional electro in their own signature style.)
Frozen State EP (out now) by Vortex Traks

( ;D --> VV17CHØU7.)
night aggression

Vercetti Technicolor
( ;D --> Film Composer, Music Producer, DJ at Vercetti Technicolor and Co-Owner and Co-Founder at Giallo Disco Records.)
Lost Apocalypse (Includes Glow in The Dark Vivod Plectrum

November Növelet
( ;D --> November Növelet is the genetic cultural offspring of Haus Arafna. Shortly after the foundation of Haus Arafna in the early 'nineties, Mr. and Mrs. Arafna felt the need to breath life into a further project. This would be where ideas that didn't fit directly into the original concept envisaged for Haus Arafna could find their place. Their youthful innocence prevented them from realising in truth how difficult it would be to differentiate between two musical identities. They appear however to have found a way: despite the natural dividing lines between the two projects, and how should one to deal with both the electronic and the compositorial aspects, November Növelet developed over time and crystallised into an Angst Pop with a tendency to Electro New Wave and so Haus Arafna could carefully deal with the industrial origins of Angst Pop.)
The World In Devotion
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( ;D --> Paleowolf is a tribal/dark ambient project aimed at invoking the ancient spirits of prehistoric past. The era of Paleowolf is set in times before, during and after the Ice Ages, when humans were still living the lives of hunter-gatherers. Paleowolf combines tribal drum beats and ancient instruments with dark ambient drones, shamanic chanting vocals and epic choirs to create an ancient atmosphere of wonder, mystery, contact with nature and to open the primordial spirit-channels with ancient human mind through the genetic memory of mankind.)

Over and Out
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