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Friday, January 06, 2017

Flavor of the Week #2

Velvet Acid Christ
( ;D --> Velvet Acid Christ had their origins in an 80's high school electronics class, where Bryan and Chris would debate the merits of Amiga versus Atari. Bryan and Grigory Bilham (an early member of VAC) were at the time working in a punk/funk band, which, by 1990, was altered to the trio of Bryan, Chris, and Grig. The band's name was originally Cyberchrist, although this was changed within a few months to Velvet Acid Christ, named (so they say) in honor of a bad acid trip. Grig left the band in 1992, leaving the core of Bryan and Chris (although various other people have had revolving door membership in the band). Bryan and Chris cite a number of influences to their hard driving industrial sound, including Legendary Pink Dots, the Cure, Skinny Puppy, Orbital, and a surprising number of metal bands, including Napalm Death, Godflesh, and Metallica. They also expose a number of social issues, including animal rights and their concern regarding the basic survival of mankind against the onslaught of technoloy. VACs masterpiece and most recent full-length CD release Lust For Blood is possibly VACs most complete and diverse album in the past ten years. Lust For Blood is an aggressive return for one of electronic music’s most prolific artists. Angry and other times haunting vocals are forged to incessant beats, permeating melodies, and relentless bass lines. As an homage to early electronic music, guitars are once again introduced into the mix of patches, pads and circuits.)
Wrack Single
Dire Land (The Remix Album)
Subconscious Landscapes
Velvet Acid Christ's greatest hits
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Cold Colors
( ;D --> French electronic music from Bordeaux, France. It's about coldwave, new wave and minimal synths.)
The Horizon And Beyond
After dark / Sinking ep
MINIMAL SIGNALS II V​.​A. 12" Ltd. Edition EP

Conjure One 
( ;D --> Conjure One is the main creative outlet for producer Rhys Fulber, former member of industrial flag bearers Front Line Assembly and ambient electronic crossover act Delerium. He is also known for his extremely varied production resume which includes artists ranging from Fear Factory to Josh Groban.)
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La Main
( ;D --> Alternative cold wave e.b.m. synthwave from France. La main » sings in French language dark love stories.
No good endings in these songs, only a strange, bitter taste remains. Sounds are definitely synthetic.Life is synthetic. Influenced by the French 80’s New wave scene, La main seeks the melody. The one which remains in the head The one which moves you to the end Listen to “La main”/.)
L'heure de salir [french synth pop] (UPR 056)

Anthony Rother
( ;D --> Anthony Rother is an electro-techno producer from Germany who rose to prominence in the mid-'90s on the label Kanzleramt before founding numerous labels of his own, most notably Psi49net and Datapunk. Influenced primarily by Kraftwerk and Detroit techno.)
Live is life is love
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