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Friday, February 09, 2018

Flavor of the Week #7

Paul Blackford
( ;D --> Paul Blackford is a British electro / hip hop producer and beat maker, best known for his deep bass driven sound. Releasing music on various record labels since 2003, He describes himself as 'Just an average guy that makes beats Inspired by Hip Hop, Funk and Breaks'.)  
The Netlabel
The League of Shadows

( ;D --> Oxytronix music is a mixture of warm and screaming synthesizer sounds with deep shattering drum beats accompanied by emotional and melancholic melodies. inspired by Jarre, Vangelis, The Boards of Canada and LORN.)

Robert Rich
( ;D --> Although his music is often consigned to the new age bins of record stores and the bulk of his work has been released on labels more closely associated with that classification, Robert Rich's solo and collaborative recordings have proven extremely influential on a range of new-school ambient and experimental artists. His association with older space music pioneers such as Steve Roach, Kevin Braheny, and Michael Stearns also makes him one of the few of that generation to have interfaced creatively with the new wave of experimental electronic composers. A California native, Rich began experimenting with electronics in the late '70s before attending Stanford University, where he completed a degree in psychology. While at Stanford, Rich's involvement in the university's prestigious Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics expanded his interest in electronic composition, as well as bringing him in contact with a wide range of nontraditional, non-Western musical ideas. Rich's performance of several all-night "sleep concerts" during this period also helped solidify an aesthetic focus on psychoacoustics, perceptible in early recordings such as Geometry and Trances/Drones.)
The Biode
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Mark Pritchard
( ;D --> Mark Pritchard has previously recorded under many guises - including Africa Hi-Tech, Harmonic 313, and Harmonic 33, to name a few.  As one half of Global Communication and Jedi Knights, Mark Pritchard has released some of the most important records of the early nineties, and his work continues to influence younger musicians today.)
The Four Worlds
Come Let Us (feat. Gregory Whitehead)
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( ;D --> protoU, Sasha is a trained violinist and choir vocalist who grew up with an addiction to music. Her first ventures into her own productions were a strong mix of distorted electronics, a far cry from her classical background. With the studio foundations in place she started producing a multitude of related genres like drum n bass, ambient and electronic music. Inspired by the dark ambient people in her life she surrounded herself with she slowly drifted into the scene and started turning her productions towards the depths. She has described dark ambient as something that gives her a freedom of thought in relation to the complexity of the world of wonders, a mix between the simple and the difficult.)
The Edge of Architecture
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Over And Out

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